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What happens when two industry leaders have the exact same thought at the exact same time?

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19 Hours came out of turbulent, scary, challenging year. In-person events were getting cancelled left and right, and the industry as a whole was nervous about what the future looked like. And that’s when Mydoma Studio CEO and Co-Founder Sarah Daniele, and host of A Well-Designed Business® and speaker, LuAnn Nigara arrived at the exact same thought – we need to come together as a community online and figure out how to weather the storm, and keep our businesses running.

Thus, 19 Hours was born.

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But it has been a long, tiring few years and it’s time for a…


You’re tired, we get it. From trying to balance projects, to the ever-present issues with supply chains and managing your client’s expectations – you’re trying to roll with the punches, but it’s been tough at times.

That’s why the theme of this year’s 19 Hours is ‘Renewal”. It’s our goal to not only give you some amazing takeaways to help you run a more successful, profitable business, but to also to get you reinvigorated and excited for the future of your interior design or interior decorating business.

So join us to renew your energy, renew your drive, and renew your passion for your business, and, for this beautiful industry.

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With some of the best and brightest

SpeakerIcon CecilAdams

Cecil Adams

Vice President and Creative Director
Currey & Company

SpeakerIcon LaurenAshley

Lauren Ashley

Owner & Lead Designer
LA Weddings & Interiors

SpeakerIcon TiffanyBrooks

Tiffany Brooks

HGTV Host, Principal &
Lead Interior Designer
Tiffany Brooks Interiors Inc.

SpeakerIcon SarahDaniele

Sarah Daniele

CEO & Co-Founder

SpeakerIcon TannaEdler

Tanna Edler

Tanna by Design

SpeakerIcon ColetteEllis

Colette Ellis

Founder of Libbie Health, Behavioral Health Coach at Calm, and Certified Stress Management Coach.

SpeakerIcon MelissaGalt

Melissa Galt

Design Business Coach
Melissa Galt Inc.

SpeakerIcon MarisaMarcantonio

Marisa Marcantonio

Director of Trade Relations Chairish

SpeakerIcon RachelMoeller

Rachel Moeller

Designer Account Executive – Atlanta

SpeakerIcon LuAnnNigara

LuAnn Nigara

Speaker, Author, Host
A Well-Designed Business®

SpeakerIcon GaryPettitt

Gary Pettitt

CEO & Founder
Seasonal Living

SpeakerIcon DarlaPowell

Darla Powell

Wingnut Social

SpeakerIcon AshleyRoss

Ashley Ross

Founder & Principal
Muse Noire Interiors

SpeakerIcon SashaWallace

Sasha Wallace

Director of Brand and Strategic Partnerships
Jaipur Living


Dixie Willard

Designer Success Manager


19 Hours Renewal Keynote

A keynote talk from Mydoma CEO & Co-Founder, Sarah Daniele to set the stage for this year’s event.

Master Mindfulness to Be More Present with Clients & Creative in Your Work

A mindfulness session on how designers can manage the stresses of project work and client management, and ultimately, become more present with their clients, and creative in their work. With Colette Ellis, Founder of Libbie Health, Behavioral Health Coach at Calm, and Certified Stress Management Coach.

Starting or Reviving During The Last Few Years And The Lessons Learned

In this panel discussion we’ll get together some amazing designers who either got started, or, revitalized their business during the chaotic last few years, and learn how they not only weathered everything, but thrived. With Ashley Ross of Muse Noire Interiors, Lauren Ashley of LA Weddings & Interiors, and Tanna Edler of Tanna by Design. Moderated by Darla Powell of Wingnut Social.

The Availability Advantage: The Benefits of Sourcing One-of-a-Kind Vintage and Antique Finds with Chairish

We’ve all felt the pain of the issues with supply chain. But believe it or not, you have options. In this session we’ll be taking a look at the benefits of sourcing one-of-a-kind and vintage. With Marisa Marcantonio, Director of Trade Relations at Chairish.

A Fireside Chat with Tiffany Brooks Hosted by LuAnn Nigara

A cozy, intimate fireside chat with Tiffany Books – HGTV Host, Lead Interior Designer & Principal at Tiffany Brooks Interiors Inc. Hosted by the always amazing podcast host, author, and speaker. LuAnn Nigara!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: How to Remove Stress from your Workflow

There’s a lot to go into a project, and trying to balance multiple ones can be stressful and overwhelming at times. But chances are, you’re working uphill, and sinking time into things you don’t necessarily need to sink time into. In this session, Mydoma Designer Success Manager Dixie Willard will show you the things you can automate & streamline to lighten your stress load.

How to Leverage Flat Fees: The Fast Track to Better Projects and Bigger Profits

Are you ready to earn more in less time with less stress? The proven path is value based fees, also referred to as flat or fixed. And if you’ve tried them in the past and lost your shirt, design business coach Melissa Galt, knows your pain and how to avoid it. With flat fees you’ll reclaim hours each week when you no longer have to provide minute by minute details of where your time was spent, and you’ll be in control of your cash flow. You’ll know, in advance, how much money you’ll be earning every month instead of it being a surprise or worse a roller coaster. You don’t want to miss the four simple formulas that Melissa provides, along with the essentials to protect your profit and your peace of mind with flat fees. There’s a method to fit every practice and stop your underbilling forever! You deserve to maximize your earnings on every project, flat feels do it better and faster.

Your Inside Track for New Product from the Brands you Love

In this panel discussion, we’re bringing together some of your favourite brands to talk and share about what’s new and upcoming in product. With Cecil Adams (Vice President and Creative Director, Currey & Company), Sasha Wallace (Director of Brand and Strategic Partnerships, Jaipur Living), Gary Pettitt (CEO & Founder, Seasonal Living), and Rachel Moeller (Designer Account Executive – Atlanta, Sherwin-Willams). Moderated by Darla Powell of Wingnut Social.

"19 hours was very informative and engaging!"

"This past year has been an awesome year of growth despite the crazy circumstances. I credit all of those nuggets of information that I took away from 19 hours in helping me to really move the ball forward this past year!"

"I firmly believe that going through all the 19 Hours webinars during the early quarantine days is what set me up to take the leap. I am thrilled. I of course immediately signed up for Mydoma (which I had recommended to my former boss, and he turned down). Needless to say, this was the best decision I could have made and I have you, in large part, to thank."

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