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The Story

As a child I never dreamt of being a tech CEO but it was my inherent need to solve a problem that changed my path from Interior Designer. My team at Mydoma Studio has one goal; be a design industry leader by developing tools and technologies to allow designers to stay relevant in a quickly changing industry. I may not be designing interiors these days but know that Mydoma Studio is built for designers by designers. As a past interior designer, I understand the challenges designers face first hand. Seeing our designers succeed brings me personal joy and is why Mydoma Studio exists and continues to grow.

-Sarah Daniele
CEO/ co-founder Mydoma Studio

Our Community

At Mydoma Studio we’re much more than software. Mydoma Studio Designers is a design community that provides meaningful connections, discussions and tailored content to support you along all stages of your design journey! The Mydoma Designers Community is about helping one another grow their businesses through collaboration, educational events and webinars. We invite you to become a member of The Mydoma Designers Community. It’s a safe place to ask questions and meet like-minded designers and get connected to a global community.
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Our Promise to you


We’re a team. Every tool, feature, and partnership we create is to help you grow your business.


We respect the privacy of you and your clients. You own your data and can trust us to protect your best interests.


You are the company you keep. We take pride in hiring team members and working with industry partners who believe and respect our core values.


We believe in open communication and transparency. We respect and want your opinions to be heard. We live the mantra “built by designers for designers”.

Upcoming Events

Whether it’s a workshop, webinar or trade show. We’re always having fun.