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Sarah Daniele- Mydoma StudioAs children, we are asked “ What do you want to be when you grow up? “ Like most children I’ve had a few different answers. At the age of five, I remember distinctly wanting to “ work in an office like my mom”.


At the age of 10 my answer changed to an interior designer BUT when my best friend said she also wanted to be an interior designer, I changed my answer to architect because it was “better”. Thankfully I learned early on that one isn’t better than the other and that my natural talent was much better suited for interiors.


It’s not often that children do the job they dream of, but I did. Being an interior designer challenged me every day. I loved the balance between creative and technical problem solving and rush of selling your vision to clients.


It was while working for myself that I learned how difficult it is to manage all the moving pieces of an interior design firm. Early on I was challenged by the problem of not being able to effectively work on multiple projects by myself unless I wanted to work 24/7 ( which admittedly I did).


I sought out a software that enabled me to manage customers, projects and make recurring revenue. Results yielded accounting software’s or CRM’s, neither of which suited my needs, so I opted to build one.


Like all great entrepreneurs, a business was born out of personal need. Fast forward a few years, with an unbelievably dedicated co-founder, countless hours of market research, wire framing, prototyping and Mydoma Studio was born- a project management and client collaboration software built for designers by designers.


As a child, I never dreamt of being a tech CEO but it was my inherent need to solve problems that lead me down a path to software development. Although I truly miss being a full-time interior designer, I now live vicariously through our designers EVERY DAY! I love seeing their businesses thrive, whether their just starting out or in the growth phase.


It is our shared passion and stubbornness at Mydoma Studio that drives our vision to succeed and change the status quo. We’re a small company with a big vision. Mydoma Studio is built for designers by designers and we invite you to join us on our adventure in building something great!-


Sarah Daniele, CEO/Co-Founder

Mydoma Studio's Management Team

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Thomas Martineau


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Barb Darlow




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Tanya Philips

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