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To be a successful INTERIOR designer You need to balance:

  • Drafting proposals and sending out invoices
  • Choosing your services and packages
  • Managing client expectations
  • Designing beautiful spaces
  • Snapping Instagram-worthy photographs
  • Sharing your work on social media
  • Attracting new clients to your business
  • And so much more…

But instead you're...

Running Out of Time

There are only so many hours in a day, and as you strive to work with more clients, you find your time slipping away from you. There’s a lot of admin work that’s go into a job well done, and as a result, schedules can get delayed, leading to disgruntled clients for you to deal with.

Wrangling Clients

When it comes to clients, managing expectations is important, whether that’s to do with creative vision, costs, timelines or scope – and it’s often challenging. Getting the necessary approvals takes time and often, there’s a lot of back and forth, which can lead to delays in schedules.

Buried in Admin

You’re an interior designer, so managing invoices, purchase orders and accounting can often make you feel like a fish out of water. Staying organized is important but sometimes it can feel like you’re drowning in the endless paperwork and admin work of running a design business.

It's time to make a change.

Interior designers working on laptops

GET mYDOMA AND Spend less time managing.

Onboard your clients, source and procure items, generate proposals and invoices… all in one place. Mydoma Studio is the all-in-one business management tool for interior designers.

Trusted by a talented industry

4.7 on Google Reviews
Tanna Edler Headshot
"Honestly, if I hadn’t started using Mydoma, by now, I’d probably be tapering the business down. Instead, I’ve completely revamped my entire process, and business has doubled.”
Tanna Edler
Tanna by Design

Jamie at Thomas J. Studios
Jamie at Thomas J. Studios
I’m Jamie and the reason I joined & have stayed with Mydoma IS because of the community! Mydoma really does value & listen to their community of designers. They implement changes to their platform to better serve our design community. Bravo Mydoma!
Athena Raelyn
Athena Raelyn
I cannot praise Mydoma Studio enough! They have made it so easy to keep track of all projects, documents, and time. Not to mention how easy it is to do proposals, invoices, and packages. Have questions on if the software can do something in particular? They answer quickly AND if it can’t do what you’re asking, they take your suggestions for future possibilities. Yes, they actually LISTEN and implement so many things to make an amazing software even better. So, with an incredibly helpful, caring team using a take the weight off your shoulders software, what more could you ask for?
Becky Leu
Becky Leu
As a full-service interior designer, it’s so important to me to have each of my projects well organized. I searched for 2 long years for a CRM platform that would offer all the project management and invoicing tools that I needed. It was an expensive and frustrating process, so I was so relieved when I finally sat down to explore MyDoma Studio. It’s robust enough to provide all of the features I need, but simple enough that I’m not overwhelmed by it and my clients can easily navigate their end without any training. One of my biggest requirements with my CRM is that I need it to be a one-stop-shop for my clients, and MyDoma is just that. I now have all my contract signing, proposal approval, photo posting, budget sheet sharing, presentation boards, renderings, plan sets, shopping lists, tear sheets, invoicing and even a client style assessment – all in one place!! Plus, now it integrates with Quickbooks Online!! HECK YEAH! MyDoma makes me look good on the client end and makes me feel good on my end, because it’s so easy to manage. And get this – I haven’t even signed up for a demo yet. Everything I’ve done on the platform in the months that I’ve been a MyDoma user has been self-taught or learned by asking the helpful chat bubble (real people in real time) a simple question. It’s just that easy. Do I recommend MyDoma? YES! And nope – I’m not paid to say it! I can’t wait to finally sit through the demo I signed up for a see what else MyDoma can do for my business!!
Rachel Waldron
Rachel Waldron
I love MyDoma and am comforted knowing that this was a company built by designers for designers. There is no alterior motive to sell product from under us, and a complete understanding of what we work with. I have used MyDoma and chosen other software at other times, but all the while I have been anxious to return, waiting for the teeny details I need to meet my business requirements. I just feel good working with them and knowing my best interests are in mind.
Lebra Chase
Lebra Chase
My experience with Mydoma thus far has been great. I love the fact that you are taken care of throughout. I started with the trial and because I felt like they cared I upgraded to an official Mydoma client. Thanks Tanya!
Mydoma is a great piece of software for interior designers, including online design(edesign). Their customer service is amazing, always quick and friendly. Shoutout to Tanya who is always helpful over support chat!
Pamela Sandall
Pamela Sandall
Tanya Phillips is the best!
Kim Dugina
Kim Dugina
I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Mydoma for their support. Super fast and personalised help anytime you need it. The Mydoma program itself has been a lifesaver – thank you Mydoma!

Our Black friday sale has ended!

But if you’d like to check out why Mydoma Studio is the ultimate all-in-one platform for interior designers, you can still get a FREE 15-day trial!

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