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Today we are diving into the world of project groups and how they can help you and your team be more organized and efficient than ever.

It’s safe to say that there isn’t one right way to start and run a design business, but there are definitely some wrong ways. Some interior design entrepreneurs overlook key parts in the set up process and then wonder why they aren’t immediately successful. Read below and learn some of the mistakes you should avoid when starting your interior design business along with some tips on what you should do.

The Interior Design Playbook Magazine is a monthly digital magazine, tailored for the dynamic world of interior design and its ever-evolving technological landscape. Born from the merger of eDesign Tribe Inc. and Mydoma, the magazine represents the vibrant tapestry of both seasoned and emerging designers, influential firms, and the integral virtual assistants that keep the design engine humming smoothly.

Virtual assistants offer a myriad of advantages to interior designers, allowing them to streamline their business operations and focus on their core creative tasks. Firstly, virtual assistants can handle administrative duties such as scheduling appointments, managing emails, and organizing client meetings. This frees up valuable time for designers to concentrate on project planning and design concepts. Additionally, virtual assistants can assist with research tasks, sourcing materials and furniture, keeping up-to-date with the latest design trends and industry news.

This week we are continuing our series of Client Onboarding tips with a focus on client resources. There is little information more valuable to your growth plan than knowing how clients are finding you. Tracking sources helps you know whats working so you can target your efforts so you can maximize your spending and time.

Explore the essentials of Client Onboarding. Dive into the benefits of a Custom Client Resource Center, learn to seamlessly set up default and custom FAQs, and offer your clients a streamlined, professional experience.

Welcome videos and messages are an easy way to give your new clients the grand tour of your studio! When a client understands the ins and outs upfront, it creates a smoother experience for everyone. The more at home they feel, the better!

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