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5 New Software Updates Blog Photo

We all love designing, there's a reason we got into this industry after all - so sometimes a beautiful project reaching its end is reward enough. But, an interior designer's gotta eat (and maybe buy a fancy throw pillow or two), so inevitably we have to send that invoice, and make sure that money reaches our bank account. Sometimes, that can be a painful, awkward process, so we've made payments in Mydoma easy and awkward-free!

Interior Design Living Room Rendering

I’ve instructed hundreds of designers on how to use the program to grow their interior design business and I have to say - The Mydoma Visualizer is the best tool for designers no matter where they are at with their skill level. The program is so versatile that you can create incredible renders using only the program - or you can integrate other interior design rendering software that you may use already. Here's how!

Interior Designer Branding

William Shakespeare may have once penned "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” - but as anyone who has started an interior design business knows, there's a lot that goes into naming your firm (as well as a lot of agonizing over if you've made the right choice!) And why not? It's an incredibly important part of your business that will frame your identity and either help or hinder your effort to market yourself. You might already have some creative ideas that you like, or maybe, you're still struggling to come up with something you love - but chances are you're feeling a little angst over the whole thing. Not to worry! We're gonna break down how to choose and vet the perfect name for your interior design business.

Interior Designer Continuing Education

Since the pandemic began, we have all experienced a major pivotal moment in our design businesses. This has looked differently for many designers in our industry. There have been months where we have been so straight-out busy juggling a scope creep of 20+ projects. It’s like back in design school where you were staying up to finish you final project so you could present on time the next day… except that’s every day and there is no end in sight. And for other designers it’s been a time of self discovery - a time to slow down and really determine the direction of their business.

HPMKT Fall 2022 Trends

Did you miss out on Fall Market this year? (Or even if you did go, who can manage to see it all?) Not to worry because we got some of our favorite designers to recap the product and trends that came out of Fall Market this year. Here's what they saw, what they loved, and what they can't get enough of!

Interior Design Trade Shows 2023 No Text

Now that in-person events and conferences are officially back, it's time to dust off your luggage and hit the events circuit. To save time researching the interior design events you need to be at, we've put together a list of must-attend interior design trade shows for 2023.

HPMKT Scene 1

As we wind down from the latest whirlwind that is High Point market - we wanted to recap the highlights of our latest trip to HPMKT this fall 2022. This market for the Mydoma team was all about the people. We were so honored to meet so many designers from our community in person!