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10 NEW Software Updates from Mydoma in December & January

February 2, 2023

December and January brought some big changes to Mydoma to enhance your productivity in the new year! We introduced task management, presentation mode, a new way to create and edit views, and more! Check out the new updates below to discover how you can bring more of your workflow into Mydoma.

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Introducing Task Management

Organize every step of your design process with task management in Mydoma! This brand-new, intuitive feature will help you execute your projects on time and with ease. You’ll love the ability to:

  • View progress on a task
  • Assign attendees
  • Set priorities
  • Tag tasks
  • Add a description and comments
  • Create checklists
  • Add attachments
  • Track time on tasks
New task management feature in Mydoma

Pro Tip

Assign tasks to clients. If you need a measurement, photo, or any other deliverable from them, assign them a task in Mydoma. They are able to see the task from their client portal and are more likely to send you the deliverable on time!

Introducing Presentation Mode

Ever want to present your project to your client in Mydoma, but are afraid to show proprietary information or trade pricing?  Introducing presentation mode, a safe way to present your project to your client. It’s not easy to accidentally click out of, so you’ll feel confident presenting products, renderings, mood boards, and more in a clean interface.

Presentation Mode
GIF of the new presentation mode in Mydoma

Big Update to Creating and Editing Views

We made views a lot more clear in this update! Views let you organize your projects’ Products and Services to fit the way you work. You can now enter Views when in the Products and Services section of your project. From there, you can create your custom view. You’ll select exactly who can see what. We are certain that this new update will make your experience with views simpler!

The new way to edit and create views in Mydoma
Gif of creating a new view in Mydoma

Tag Files, Media, Notes, and Invoices

Tags are really just labels that make it easy for you to see which items in your project belong where. Previously you could tag products and services, vendors, and time tracking. Now, you can add tags to files, media, notes, and invoices to further filter items in your projects.  

New tagging capabilities in Mydoma

Mood Board Hotspots

We’ve made mood boards more interactive! Add hotspots to your mood boards to allow clients to see more information and purchase products directly!

New hotspot feature in Mydoma

New Client Credits

The client credit system helps you keep track of your clients’ retainers, prepaid blocks of hours, credits for returns and cancellations, and refunds. This is a client-facing feature, so keep that in mind when writing your descriptions. Only team members with appropriate permissions can see, edit, or create and apply client credits.

New client credit system in Mydoma

Pay Now Link Added to Invoices

Your PDF invoice will now include a pay now link if your Stripe account is connected to your studio. This will make getting paid just that much easier!

New link to pay on invoice in Mydoma

Updated Client Dashboard for Better Navigation

We want your clients to have the best experience possible using Mydoma. We updated the client dashboard to include task management and reorganized it to be more intuitive. 

Updated client dashboard in Mydoma

Updated Payment Reporting

You can now view individual invoices from the invoice report to get more granular.

Studio Reporting

New Invoice Payment Calculator

We’ve added a payment calculator to your invoice section. With the amount field empty, you can type a percentage into the description. Upon clicking enter, you’ll see the invoice payment calculator allowing you to apply a percentage, easily. 

Invoice payments payment calculator

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Written by Dixie Willard

AuthorHeadshotsDixie 360px

Dixie Willard is an NCIDQ-certified residential interior designer whose 16 years of experience include commercial interior design at an architecture firm, space planning and styling at a high-end furniture store, e-design, and running her own firm. Because many of her projects involved clients who lived out of state until their home was finished, she’s had extensive experience working with clients remotely through Mydoma and video conferencing.

A Mydoma user since pretty much day one, Dixie also now works at Mydoma as a Product Manager, helping designers make the most of their studio – and their time! 

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