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10 NEW Software Updates from Mydoma in February

March 9, 2023

Table of Contents

Sorting & Filtering Now available in the Message Center

We’re happy to say that sorting and filtering has now come to the message center in your studio! So if you need to see a specific conversation on a project, or, all messages with a specific person (for example, all convos with the client), you can now use these options to sift through the message center and easily find what you need.

Mydoma MessageSearch

Product Catalog Updates

We’ve also made some visual updates to the product catalog. This new look opts for a cleaner look that’s easier to browse through with bigger pictures and other layout changes to make viewing and accessing any product information you might need easier than ever!

Mydoma ProductLibrary Update 2

Product Name and Details on an Order Are Now Copy-able

On your orders page you can now select and hi-light the product name and details and then copy/paste it into something else, making placing orders on a vendors’ website faster and easier!

Mydoma OrderCopyPaste

Project Products & Services Views Update

 We’ve also made some visual changes to the Project Product & Services table view, making it easier to see your client’s cost, your cost, and the profit/loss all in one view – giving you a instant look at the profitability of this project.

Mydoma ProfitView

Package Templates

You are now able to create templates for your packages, so if you have a standard setup for design services packages, you can now create it as a template, making creating new packages a breeze and reducing the time and duplication of effort when you want to create a new one!

Mydoma TemplatePackages

Custom Product Templates

And on that note, you can also create templates for your custom products as well! This will make it much easier to remember what to include in your work order, as you can set up templates for things like custom window treatments or custom upholstery that have everything already included in them.

Mydoma CustomProductTemplates

The Ability to Update the Project While Editing a Design Board

In your Design Boards (formerly called Mood Boards) you now have the ability to update a project while editing your design board. Now, not only can you pull photos for product and fixtures from your project of product library, but if you later decide that a certain product just isn’t gonna cut it for the design, not only can you remove it from your board, but you can remove it from the project itself too directly from the design board screen. This keeps your Products & Services list updated, and saves you having to later go into Product & Services to match it up to the Design Board.

Mydoma UpdateProjectMoodboard

Adjustable Zoom Added on Design Boards

And another great update to Design Boards is the adjustable zoom options added. Instead of having to rely on your mouse to zoom in or out, you can now set a zoom manually to easily get a super precise scale.

Mydoma MoodboardZoom

You Now Have the Ability to Toggle Between Design Boards

Another tweak we’ve made to Design Boards for usability and ease is the ability to easily toggle between design boards. You no longer need to go back to the main Design Board page, and select the design board you want,  because you’ll now see a drop-down that you can use to select and navigate to another board.

Mydoma MoodboardToggle

You Can Now Add Products to a Project from Design Boards

And finally, we’ve also made it so that you can now add products to a project from a design board itself – and add any tags you might need!

This means that designers who prefer to start with the images and then add the items to the project can now do it their way! We know there are some designers reading this who are extremely happy with this news 😉

Mydoma Moodboard Create

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Written by Dixie Willard

AuthorHeadshotsDixie 360px

Dixie Willard is an NCIDQ-certified residential interior designer whose 16 years of experience include commercial interior design at an architecture firm, space planning and styling at a high-end furniture store, e-design, and running her own firm. Because many of her projects involved clients who lived out of state until their home was finished, she’s had extensive experience working with clients remotely through Mydoma and video conferencing.

A Mydoma user since pretty much day one, Dixie also now works at Mydoma as a Product Manager, helping designers make the most of their studio – and their time! 

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