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10 New Software Updates from Mydoma in May 2023

June 22, 2023

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Hello there, Mydoma enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to announce an exciting range of software updates that will significantly enhance your user experience and operational efficiency. This month, we’ve focused on improving your ability to manage projects, communicate with clients, organize your products and services, and streamline your workflow. Let’s dive into the details!

Updates to Project Design Boards

Our Design Boards have always been a vital tool for brainstorming and planning. This month, we’re enhancing their functionality with two major updates:

Sharing Capabilities

We’ve introduced the ability to share your design boards via link or iframe embed. This added functionality allows for seamless collaboration with team members or clients. Plus, we’ve made sure that hotspots will be available on these shared boards, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Sharing Capabilities in Project Design Boards

Design Board Templates

Now, you can create and apply Design Board Templates. This means you can replicate design elements across multiple projects, enhancing your consistency and saving precious time.

Design Board Templates

Enhancements to Project Products & Services

Bulk Tagging & Deletion

Manage your items more efficiently with the ability to bulk tag or delete items. This feature makes it easier to categorize and manage your products and services, reducing the manual effort required.

Bulk Tagging Deletion

Tag-based Product Addition & Warnings:

When products are added to the project from within a view that has been filtered by tags, those tags will now automatically be added to the products. If the new products do not match the other filters on the view, a warning will now show.

Client-Specific Welcome Videos and Messages

Building a strong rapport with your clients is key, and we’re making it easier. Now, you can add client-specific welcome videos and welcome messages that will show up in your client’s portal upon their login. Choose from our range of default options or create your own to make your clients feel special. Note that these client-specific messages and videos will override any studio welcome messages and videos for that specific client.

Client Specific Welcome Videos and Messages

Packages Feature Enhancements

We’ve taken packages to a new level with a set of advanced features:


Set tags on your packages. These tags will be applied to projects when the package is purchased, helping you better organize your work. Don’t worry, these tags won’t be visible to clients.

Auto-Apply Project Feature Settings

Set certain project feature settings to auto-apply when a package is purchased. For added ease, Proposals and Notes will be turned off by default.

Auto Apply Project Feature Settings in Packages

Package Category Management

You can now edit or archive package categories within the studio settings, giving you greater control over your packages and how they’re categorized.

Updates to Product Catalog and Service Catalog

To help you manage your inventory more effectively, we’ve added the ability to bulk archive products/services in your Product Catalog and Service Catalog. This helps keep your catalogs tidy and up-to-date.

Notification Updates

Communication is crucial in a collaborative environment, and our new notification feature ensures you’re always in the loop. Users will now receive notifications when they’re added to a task as an assignee, meaning you’ll never miss an important task again!


We’re committed to continually evolving Mydoma to meet your needs and enhance your experience. We believe these new features will bring you one step closer to achieving your project goals more efficiently. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, we appreciate your feedback and support. Happy designing!

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Written by Dixie Willard

AuthorHeadshotsDixie 360px

Dixie Willard is an NCIDQ-certified residential interior designer whose 16 years of experience include commercial interior design at an architecture firm, space planning and styling at a high-end furniture store, e-design, and running her own firm. Because many of her projects involved clients who lived out of state until their home was finished, she’s had extensive experience working with clients remotely through Mydoma and video conferencing.

A Mydoma user since pretty much day one, Dixie also now works at Mydoma as a Product Manager, helping designers make the most of their studio – and their time! 

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