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19 Hours Renewal Recordings Now Available!

May 31, 2022

We had an absolutely amazing 19 Hours this year! It’s always an incredible feeling getting the interior design industry to come together to learn how to push our businesses further! And every year, we promise bigger and better… But if you’ll allow us some self-indulgence, we really knocked it outta the park this year with a lineup of absolutely amazing and talented industry folk running a wide variety of really great sessions over the course of the two days of the event.

Speaker Image

Our theme this year was “renewal” and so we really crafted each session with that in mind. It was our goal to not only give you some amazing takeaways to help you run a more successful, profitable business, but to also to get you reinvigorated and excited for the future of your interior design business, and this beautiful industry we all love!

Thanks to everyone who came out this year, we always love seeing your energy and enthusiasm. And if you missed out the first time, don’t miss out a second – get the recordings using the link below! 👇

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