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3 Gift Ideas for Your Interior Design Clients

June 29, 2022

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Picture this.

You’ve just wrapped up another amazing project. You worked your butt off, you put in the blood, sweat, (and sometimes literal) tears into delivering exactly what your client wanted. They’re already over the moon. But you have one more ace up your sleeve – a thoughtful gift to commemorate the occasion. The client’s eyes light up, and this cinched it – anytime they or anyone they know needs an interior designer, they’ll be calling you.

Why give a gift to your clients?

While you aren’t obligated by any means, there are a lot of reasons why you might want to give your clients a gift once you’ve wrapped up a project with them. For one, it demonstrates that you appreciate their business, and the relationship you’ve developed over the course of a project. It’s also a nice gesture to thank them for letting you photograph their home. 

Bringing in a photographer, and staging their space for a few hours can be disruptive and inconvenient at times, so it’s a nice little way to say you appreciate them bearing with it.

The perfect gift can also make their experience with you memorable – and that’s worth its weight in marketing gold, because if you’ve created a great, memorable experience, then whenever they, or someone they know needs an interior designer, you’ll be top of mind.

Great gifts to give your interior design clients

As with any kind of gift-giving – thoughtfulness trumps expensiveness. Using what you’ve learned about your client over the course of the project, and choosing something personal and thoughtful will always have a greater impact then just buying something outright expensive.

Interior design is a very intimate business and you’re doing more than just creating a space for them. You’re building relationships and learning so much about your clients’ lives. So use that to create a tailored wow moment! While these are some great ideas to get you started, put in the effort to tailor it to them!


Be sure to always check for allergies before you select a gift for a client (especially if it's food!) Nothing kills the mood like a trip to the emergency room.

1. The Perfect Accessory for their Space

Does the cabinetry you painstakingly selected together need that one final piece? Find the perfect bowl or accent piece to fit that space. Did you bring in some amazing shelving units for your book-loving client? Gift them some beautiful bookends that’ll really sing on that shelf. 

Sometimes it’s the little things that really pull a space together, so there are so many ways you can go by gifting an accessory – and whenever they look at it, it’s sure to elicit memories of you and the impact you’ve made on their life.

Dreamland Mushrooms on Bronze Set of 3
Currey & Company

Lela Box Set of 2
Currey & Company

Light Green Marble Bookends

2. Experiences or fun subscriptions

Gifting an experience, or some sort of subscription is a great way to go because you can really tailor it to your client, and they don’t have to worry about holding onto, or finding a place for it. Maybe it’s a membership to a museum or art gallery because they love history or the arts. Maybe a “food of the month” subscription box to help them not have to worry about dinner a few nights that month, or to try something new. Maybe it’s a day at the spa, or horseback riding. 

The beauty of this is that you can create a really nice, tailored moment for them that they’ll sure to remember. This is an especially great choice if the client just moved to the area – and you know all the must-go local places!

Yearly Membership to the Met
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Classic Ramen Pack, 6 Servings
Ramen Hero

3. goods from local artisans & makers

Nothing can create a sense of community and connection like locally-created goods. Maybe it’s a lovely organic honey for the tea lover, or some gorgeous mugs from a local potter with some hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows for a nice winter night in. Or, if they’re the outdoorsy sort, a cozy blanket from a weaver nearby to wrap around themselves while they’re around a campfire. We’ve even seen designers hire someone to paint a portrait of their new build home, which makes for a sweet and thoughtful gift. 

No matter where you may be, undoubtedly you have some talented local artisans or makers who make something your client would go gaga over.

Wool Blanket in Bue
MacAusland Woolen Mills


The Vivian Concrete Planter
Fox + Flower

In conclusion:

The key to picking the perfect gift for your interior design client is knowing your client and getting them something personal and thoughtful; something that shows you listen and pay attention. Not only is the right gift a great way to show appreciation for their business (and sometimes patience!) during the course of the project, but it’s also a great opportunity to make a real connection to your client and inspire loyalty.

Not to mention it’s a great way to make a memorable “wow” experience for your brand, something incredibly worth the time, effort, and money you’ll put into it when it comes to repeat business or referrals.

So be sure to get to really know your client when you work with them, and get them something they’ll love!

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