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7 Powerful Productivity Hacks for Interior Designers in 2023

January 5, 2023

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Productivity is a topic that is always top of mind as we roll into a new year. Especially here at Mydoma, where our main goal is to help designers spend less time managing and more time designing. After all, that’s why you got into this business, to create beautiful spaces for your clients. Not to get burnt out managing projects. So, let’s explore 7 productivity hacks for interior designers in 2023. 


Get Visual

Stop forcing your clients to imagine your design vision. In 2023 we encourage you to create stunning 3D renderings & 720 walk-throughs. These visuals will help you sell projects faster and clients will make decisions more confidently. Plus, seeing your clients experience the walkthrough of what their home could look like is priceless!


Rethink the Mood Board

Clients do not want to pay you to create a complicated, time-consuming mood board. Creating a beautiful mood board should be a quick task that supports your design vision by instilling emotion, and not be a complicated task. In Mydoma, you can create a mood board in minutes from your furniture and fixture choices, add notes and links for your client and share it with them immediately!


Template, Template, Template

Did we say templates? Why reinvent the wheel with every project? When you use Mydoma as your project management tool you can create templates for your processes to save time. Create templates for questionnaires, contracts, and projects and mix and match them. When a new project comes in you can select your template and populate a project automatically! You’ll never forget to send a client a contract or provide them with next steps.


Take Retainers

Manage your cash flow better by taking retainers for projects. You want to be paid for your time and there is nothing worse than chasing a client for payment after you’ve spent hours on their project. Taking a retainer gives you piece of mind and also helps with your cash flow. With Mydoma’s client credit feature your clients can pay their retainer straight from the client portal and you can track how that retainer is getting spent on your side.

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Go Mobile

Leverage the technology in your pocket. Have your business with you at all times by being able to access your project files from your mobile device. Mydoma’s mobile app allows you to do anything you can do on your computer on your phone (except for rendering because that would be incredibly difficult). We love the ability to message clients from the app to keep all communication in one place. Best of all, clients can download the app too! They’ll have access to their projects at all times and will feel more connected to the process.


Review and Consolidate

Ever use a software and wonder if there is a simpler way to use it? Invest in learning your tools full potential before subscribing to another tool to get one part of your process done. There is a high probability that sharpening your knowledge and skills will provide enormous time savings. Since Mydoma is radically customizable and is an end-to-end tool that eliminates your need for multiple software platforms, learning how to use it to your full advantage is extremely valuable. Take the time in 2023 to learn how to use your software tools and your future self will thank you!

7 Interior Design Productivity Hacks for 2023 1


Bonus Sneak Peek

We are releasing task management in Mydoma VERY soon! You will no longer need outside apps to manage tasks, assign them to teammates, set priorities, add watchers, attach files, track time, even assign clients a task! Stay tuned for a feature release date by signing up for Mydoma’s newsletter below!

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We hope these productivity hacks for interior designers help your business in 2023. If you’re looking for a solid solution that will help you save time and money, we think you should start a free 15-day trial of Mydoma. You’ll be blown away by the productivity tools available on the platform. Mydoma was built for interior designers by interior designers ensuring that the platform is perfectly tailored to your business. What are you waiting for? Make 2023 your business’ best year ever!

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