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In this article I’ll share with you an overview of my personal design services and how/when I outsource the tasks I don’t enjoy doing to make more time for the ones I love! I am a big advocate for doing what you love as a designer, and outsourcing the rest. This is the fastest way to scale your company for the future and the best way to not get burnt out.

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If you’re not managing tasks within your interior design projects then you are likely not working in the most efficient way. You have a process that you follow for each project, so breaking it down into tasks and assigning them to the appropriate team members will help speed up the project and minimize stress throughout.

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Every designer strives for efficiency and the best service they can provide to their clients. As designers we are constantly on the go and always finding inspiration, coming across the “perfect piece” for a client, sharing ideas, and collaborating - so not having to find a computer to enter project data is a necessity. So when the Mydoma App was released a few months ago, I was so excited that I didn’t have to run to my computer every time I wanted to work on my projects in Mydoma and collaborate with clients.

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Productivity is a topic that is always top of mind as we roll into a new year. Especially here at Mydoma, where our main goal is to help designers spend less time managing and more time designing. After all, that's why you got into this business, to create beautiful spaces for your clients. Not to get burnt out managing projects. So, let's explore 7 productivity hacks for interior designers in 2023.

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If you source product from a wholesaler, or you just need to create your own Tear Sheets, then we have great news if you’re on Mydoma - the Tear Sheet option will allow you to quickly generate a series of documents or individual sheets ready to give to any clients or contractors.

14 Interior Design Software Tools You Need to Run Your Business

I’ve been working in the virtual design space since 2015 and when I started there was no one to tell me which interior design software worked best for an online design business (or design business in general), so after years of trial and error, I have developed a solid list of interior design software tools that I rely on for my business.

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With the holiday season underway there was a lot to prioritize at Mydoma in November. We decided to add features we knew would save you that extra bit of time and cut down on the workarounds. We updated the functionality of of views, files & media, Mydoma’s Zapier Integration, and more! Check out the new updates below to discover how you can save yourself some time this holiday season with Mydoma.

Discover how you can use Mydoma to save time & impress more clients

Task Management in Mydoma is here 🎉 this feature will change the way you execute projects