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An Inspiring Conversation on Wellness for Interior Designers

with LuAnn Nigara & Christie Rocha

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Join us for a heart-to-heart with LuAnn Nigara, the voice behind “A Well-Designed Business”, and Christie Rocha, a noted mental health podcast host, as they explore the beautiful intersection of interior design and personal well-being.

In this cozy conversation, we invite you to:

  • Dive into personal stories that resonate and uplift.
  • Discover the synergy between crafting beautiful spaces and nurturing one’s mind.
  • Be inspired to cultivate personal peace amidst the dynamic world of design.

Tune in for a relaxed, nurturing, and inspirational conversation that rekindles the joy and balance in the life of an interior designer. Let’s inspire each other to weave wellness into our daily tapestry, one story at a time.

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LuAnn Nigara is a celebrated media personality, keynote speaker and seasoned entrepreneur. Recognized as the “go-to” keynote speaker for leaders and entrepreneurs to launch their life and get out of their own way, she always delivers a dynamic presentation. In her third business launch, LuAnn Nigara Inc., she provides business resources for entrepreneurs through live events and LuAnn University. LuAnn has published three books, is a sought-after columnist and has captured international attention for her weekly podcasts “Window Treatments for Profit” and “A Well-Designed Business®” which has more than 750 episodes and 5 million downloads.

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Christie Rocha, the vibrant force behind the popular podcast “Sass Says,” has emerged as a shining light in the realms of mental health and wellness. Known for her genuine and spirited conversations, she has become a beacon of actionable advice and insight in the podcasting community. With a palpable passion for personal growth and a warm, candid approach, Christie embodies the essence of a trustworthy friend who encourages listeners to navigate life’s complexities with grace and humor. Through “Sass Says,” she crafts a nurturing space where real talk meets wisdom, inviting audiences to embark on a heartfelt journey of self-discovery and holistic wellbeing.

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