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Announcing our Special Guest for 19 Hours – Tiffany Brooks!

May 13, 2022

We are so close to this year’s 19 Hours event, and believe us, keeping mum on this surprise has been tough, but, it’s time to officially announce that…. (drum roll, please đŸ„) …

HGTV Host and Interior Designer Tiffany Brooks will be joining us this year for 19 Hours!

Tiffany will be joining Podcast Host, Author, and Speaker LuAnn Nigara for a fireside chat at the event! This is going to be an amazing session that you don’t want to miss – and will sure to include some really interesting insight into the life of a designer who has been a part of some amazing opportunities – both on, and off camera!

So if you haven’t saved your seat for this year’s 19 Hours? Then click the link below, because there are only a handful of days left before we kick-off this year’s event! 👇

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