Best Practices for Working with Clients in Mydoma

Tuesday, March 28th - 1pm est

IPW WorkingWithClients EventPost

Creating a professional and seamless experience is one way to get a windfall of referrals and repeat business, but how do you give your services and work the polish it deserves? (And without spending all your time managing clients too!)

The Client Portal in Mydoma is THE tool to elevate your business and gain complete trust from your clients – while letting them access important details whenever they need them (and without having to send you a 2am email!)

And in this webinar with our Product Manager, Dixie Willard, we’ll go through the best practices for working with clients, and how to leverage the Client Portal to the fullest. We’ll cover all you need to know to start upping your client experience, including…

  • Why it’s best to bring to your client management into the Client Portal
  • How to get client buy-in & get them excited to use their portal
  • How to improve your client’s usage of the portal


And of course, as always, Dixie will be surfacing other tips and tricks to save you time and money, and give you the ability to spend less time managing, and more time designing!

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