Control the Chaos: Making More Money with Flat Rates

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control the chaos is back!

If you’ve been following Control the Chaos thus far, you’ve built out your process with project templates, you’ve created an easy way for your clients to purchase your services with client consultation packages, (and if not, no worries! You can always catch the replays) now, it’s time to make more money by switching to flat rates!

Why choose to go flat rate? Flat rates reward productivity and your experience as a designer! If you’re billing hourly, as you become more experienced, you’re essentially making less money because it takes you less time to finish a project.

It also adds simplicity to your process, and has you spending less time on the tedious admin stuff like tracking your time and invoicing for hourly billing.

And from your client’s perspective, it gives them transparency and predictability, because they know exactly what they are spending (and you know exactly what you’re making!) It also reduces conflicts with your client because you’re no longer having to justify how you spend your time!

More consistency equals a better process, which equals a better client experience, which equals happier clients who refer you more often, which ultimately equals more money!

So check this latest installment of Control the Chaos, and we’ll show you even more reasons why to make the switch flat rate, and, more importantly, how to actually make it happen! In addition to the recording, we’ll also give you a flat rate calculator that you can use to come up with your own flat rate!

Just enter in your info and we'll get you the recording & the Flat Rate Calculator too!


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