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Create Photorealistic Renderings Using SketchUp & The Mydoma Visualizer

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So often, it helps to know how a few key platforms can work together in tandem to make your life easier, and more importantly, produce the highest quality of work!

So if you love SketchUp, but want the ability to easily create photorealistic renderings, then be sure to check out the recording of this webinar with Mydoma’s Lauren Scully & interior designer Cindy Krauklis!

Using SketchUp in tandem with the catalog in the Mydoma Visualizer allows you to incorporate the most custom details, build your own models, and still end up with a photorealistic rendering that can sell your designs in minutes!

In this webinar, Cindy shows you how she uses the two to achieve exactly what her clients are looking for, and why this peanut butter & chocolate combination of Mydoma & SketchUp is the best possible avenue to get there!

Cindy Krauklis is an interior decorator known for her easy-going personality, quick-witted sense of humour, and no-nonsense advice. She’s worked with clients from all walks of life, online and in-person, from young families to retirees and everything in between.

Her company, Cindy Krauklis Interiors, provides photorealistic 3D rendering services, space/furniture planning, sourcing, visual guides, design presentations and more —whatever it takes to get the project off the ground!

Go From this

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To this!

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To this!

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