Creating Presentations & Reports For Your Interior Design Project

September 15, 2021

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Creating Presentations & Reports for Your Design Business

So, you have met with your client and you now have a deep understanding of them, their goals and every intimate detail you have been able to pry out of them. You have worked feverishly to bring all of their hopes and dreams to life!

But how do you present your ideas to give them that knockout presentation that will have them scrambling to sign that contract? You need to bring your A-game! It’s no secret that designers tend to be highly visual people. Creating design presentations can be fun! But let’s be honest, they are also very time-consuming.

And don’t even get me started on revisions! After all your hard work, one client revision can take hours to update a project presentation. So if you wanted a quick summary of all the information within your interior design project – how would you do it quickly and beautifully?

Step One: Tell a Story

Creating a story through your selections will go a long way toward illustrating how the space is meant to look and feel. There is no better way to sell a design project than by transporting your client into the life they want you to create for them. Do they want a calm serene space they can retreat to after a long day of zoom calls? Walk them through your beautifully branded mood board created in Mydoma that shows them you’re going to deliver just that!

A great thing about doing this in Mydoma is that the legend is automatically being generated as you drop your images in, saving you a bunch of time!

Discover how you can use Mydoma Studio to save time & impress more clients

Step Two: Nail Down the Details

Yes, your designs are going to get them excited, but now, let’s give them confidence in you and your process. Show them why they are making the right choice in hiring you by going over the minutiae of the project.

By keeping it in Mydoma, you’ll have all of your floor plans, elevations and renderings easily accessible along with details of products and services required.

Create and keep all of your project notes and checklists in one spot and track all of your client correspondence! Nothing instills confidence like competence and a transparent process.

Step Three: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Sometimes, even with our best intentions, we don’t leave ourselves enough time to complete the project. Or even worse, we delay the client meeting because we are too overworked and drowning in the seemingly endless errands of running a design business. 

Closing that sale is definitely easier when the clients are still excited about your initial meeting. So, getting their presentation to them closer to that initial meeting is key! Starting off the project presentation when the client has become irked by delays is just going to be an uphill battle. 

The good news though is that so many of the tedious and time-consuming things that go along with completing a project can be alleviated just by having software that standardizes and automates your processes. Not only will Mydoma allow you to get back to those clients faster, but you’ll also have a professional look to boot!

Being able to store and organize your information and then easily turn it into a custom report is a busy person’s dream! In your studio account, you will have the opportunity to select exactly what you’d like to include in the report, including:

  • Cover page
  • Contract
  • Shopping List (with totals automatically calculated for you)
  • Mood Board
  • Notes
  • Pricing Sheet (different from shopping list in that it includes some accounting information just for you, and not intended for the client)
  • Project Deliverables (floor plans, sketches, renderings etc)


Your clients will also LOVE the convenience of logging in to view or print their projects on their time.

Pro-tip! You can even use this feature to create sample projects/proposals for your interior design business and have potential clients download a sample to see what kind of work they would get when they work with you. Ask me how!

You can also save this entire project as a PDF. To save a copy as a PDF instead of printing, select the print button then save as a PDF. This may look slightly different depending on your browser and whether you’re a Mac or PC user. “Save as PDF” may be listed front and center or you may have to select it from the list of available printers. Everything is automatically formatted for you based on the information in your project. For example, your cover page would automatically include your logo, title of the project, name of your client, date, and feature image (if one has been uploaded).

If you would like to see how you can easily create custom reports so you can deliver a killer presentation, feel free to book a time here!

Discover how you can use Mydoma Studio to save time & impress more clients