Did 2021 Steal Your Mojo? Let’s get it back because…

January 12, 2022

A guest post by Pamela Durkin, ASID, LEED AP ID+C

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Let me start off with a quote from one of the best Marketers in the world, Dan Kennedy, “The higher the income, the more the person was paid for who they are, rather than what they do.” 

A bold statement, I know, but I know you all know a famous influencer or designer who is making WAY more bank than you. Why? It’s not because they are necessarily more talented (sometimes they are even less talented) but they have become fascinating. Through the way they present themselves, the ideas they have, their personality. 

You’re a creative in a creative industry. What you do is exciting and magnetic because so many people do not have a creative bone in their body…. and they are envious of that. And, I know because it comes so naturally to you, that you don’t always recognize how special your gift is.

Let me remind you… Your creative gift is very special…

Celebrate it, magnify it, and learn to use it to stand out… in your own unique way. It’s time to ignite the spark you lost in 2021. It’s all still there, just lying dormant, you just need to light the match. 

How can you infuse your personality into everything you do? Through, Storytelling.

Now’s the time to decide how you will be different, so you stand out to your ideal client.

  1. What do you offer that no one else does?

  2. How does this uniquely benefit your best prospective client?

  3. What amazing transformation can they expect from working with you?

These are the traits to talk about, to amplify, to show the world. Because if you don’t, you look just like everyone else and that is when you become a commodity. Need a place to start? Begin by writing down what clients ask you. What obstacles come up during a project, how did you handle them? What did the client say to you at the end of a project, use their exact words in your marketing efforts.

I hope this empowers you to embrace your creative side even more and have the courage to share it with the world!

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Written by Pamela durkin

Design is powerful and Pam wants designers to step into that power. After almost 30 years in the design business, helping other designers create a business they love became a new passion for her. She teaches others how to be magnetic and attract the best clients. This method makes owning a design business easier and more fulfilling and who isn’t up for that? Her book, Elevate! Can be found here.

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