Marketing For Interior Designers- by Anna Kovalchenko, eBook Review

Recently I was contacted by Anna Kovalchenko, owner of the popular interior design blog "L'Essenziale" asking if I would be interested in reviewing her latest e-book, Marketing For Interior Designers, and I said yes so today I will share with you my take on the book.

The subtitle of the book is, "First Year in Businses: 23 Effective Ways To Acquire New Clients" and while it's not too long (42 pages to be exact) it packs a lot of information into those 42 pages. The book starts with some basic topics like creating a website, starting a blog, Houzz tips and Facebook and expands to topics like partnerships and gaining PR exposure through Television and Magazines. 


As the subtitle implies this book is great for anyone who is in the first year in business (though I would recommend it even for those who have been in a little longer but is in a bit of a rut when it comes to fresh marketing ideas). In the book's introduction she recommends trying all 23 methods and seeing what works best but I wouldn't let that overwhelm you. Honestly, I don't know if you need to try all 23 (you know your brand and vision best) but I will say don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone either. There's quite a few tips of different kinds of partnerships you can enter into to grow your business and how to actually find and convince those partners to work with you. For some people this may be scary but from personal experience I know that a really good partnership can do to help a new business scale up. 

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What I liked most about the book was how each section was broken down into a few really practical steps and examples to guide you through. For example, in one section of the book she talks about getting listed in directories and then provides an actual list of directories you can submit your interior design business to. In another section she talks about guest blog posting and how to make it work for you and then gives an actual sample letter you can use if you want to pitch another blog. 

To summarize: Solid content with lots of practical tips and advice- especially helpful for early-stage interior designers who don't know where to start when it comes to marketing their business. At $9.99 USD for a copy it's pretty affordable and well worth the content inside. Click here to buy a copy if you're interested. 

Happy Reading!

*Full disclosure- I'm not receiving (nor is Mydoma) receiving any financial compensation for reviewing this book but we do have a previous financial relationship with L'Essenziale and they will be reviewing the new version of Mydoma Studio in exchange for this review)

Alicia Ward

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