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Easily Create Beautiful Tear Sheets

December 22, 2022

Beautifully Branded Tear Sheets

If you need to create your own Tear Sheets for trade products or a set of Spec Sheets for contractors, then we have great news! On Mydoma, the Tear Sheet option will allow you to quickly generate a series of documents or individual sheets ready to give to any clients or contractors.

Whether you quickly add new products to your product catalog using our product clipper or add them manually, the product’s details are then available to create a PDF Tear Sheet. Individual Tear Sheets can be generated instantly from your product catalog or at the project level within your Products & Services list. How simple is that?

Interior Design Tear Sheet 2

The great thing is, you can print this off if you need a hard copy, or you can email it out to your client or trades people! Don’t want to share the manufacturer and product code information? You can also download individual Client Tear Sheets in your project’s Products & Services list.

Best of all, whether you need all of the Tear Sheets for a particular space or detailed Spec Sheets for your contractor, you can customize and download them directly from within a view. Include the quantity, product details, vendor and manufacturer info, and more! Even include pricing if you’d like. The entire packet of Tear Sheets downloads as a single PDF with a job-specific cover page.

Interior Design Tear Sheet 1

Easy peasy, right? That’s pretty much all there is to Tear Sheets! 

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