[FREE TEMPLATE] How to Deliver a Virtual Interior Design Consultation

October 20, 2021

Offering online consultations is the new normal! Virtual consultations are convenient for both the design professional and the client. We’ve put together an all inclusive package of resources and webinar with step by step instructions on how to set-up and deliver and outstanding virtual consultation.

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What is a virtual consultation?

A virtual consultation is a form of e-design. A virtual consultation is essentially a consultation you offer without meeting the client in person. Virtual consultations use a variety of tools and technology rather than meeting face to face.
Interior design consultation

Why are virtual consultations useful?

Virtual consultations remove the physical barrier of meeting in person. Leveraging virtual consultations allows you to meet with potential clients outside of your standard service area. Not all consultations will become full service projects. Virtual consultations are convenient, can be offered in off hours and don’t require any travel.

Can the same level of quality be achieved virtually versus in person?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes but you must have your process and tools setup correctly and in advance. If you don’t, then your virtual consultation may go aray. If you’re organized in how you’ll deliver the virtual consultation you may find you get even better results that in person with less chit chat and time commuting.

How many tools, softwares, and gadgets do I need?

Less than you think and most of the tools you have already [or should have] to run your interior design business. You’ll need video conferencing software, calendar booking, client portal for communication and approvals, ( do not attempt this through email) and payment processing/ invoicing.

Interior design consultation

What is the process for a virtual consultation?

We have a simple 5 step process you can follow below. Use this as is, or as a building block for developing your own virtual consultation process.

  1. Client buys the service & books and appointment
  2. Turn on Client can upload before images, and upload files and upload a contract!
  3. Client will fill out questionnaire, sign contract, then upload before images/ measurements
  4. Have the video conference
  5. Do a write up, video, sketch, product list etc. of recommendations post consultation for client

Ready to get started with virtual consultations?

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