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The Future of Mydoma

July 19, 2022

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In case you missed it...

Last week we finally announced some exciting news that we had a very hard time keeping mum about –  eDesign Tribe is officially joining the Mydoma family, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

eDesign Tribe Founder and CEO, Jenna Gaidusek has built an incredible business, community, and resources for designers, and we are so excited to bring that under the Mydoma umbrella to give interior designers even more tools, education, and resources to run a successful business.

But obviously, there’s a lot that goes into bringing two industry powerhouses together, so we figured we’d break down how this happened, what it means, and maybe answer some burning questions you might have about this acquisition, and, the realization from two female founders that they’re stronger together than apart.

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How'd this come together? And why now?

We see it everyday in our interior design community – there is just something really amazing, magical, and powerful about the spirit of community over competition.

Both Mydoma and eDesign Tribe were both founded by female CEOs, and both Sarah and Jenna have been bringing their talents to a unique part of the industry. Mydoma and eDesign Tribe have collaborated in the past, and over time we’ve both realized that we had strengths that just completely complemented the other. So rather than compete, we decided to partner together to figure out how best to serve interior designers, and create the most value possible!

At Mydoma, we are SO SO SO invested in a designer’s success, both on and off Mydoma, so it just made so much sense to invest heavily in community, content, and continuing education. What eDesign Tribe has built in that regard is nothing short of amazing, so we knew that by bringing them into the Mydoma family, it’d super-charge that goal.

As for “why now?”, real talk, the pandemic forced a lot of designers to think about how to offer their services when they can’t be physically present in someone’s space. We’ll come out and say it: the future of the design industry is digital. Designers need to be thinking about how they diversify their offerings and meet their clients where they are at from a technology perspective. Things like tap-to-pay, ridesharing apps like Uber & Lyft, and the speed at which we can access information have all colored our clients’ expectations – and designers need to follow suit.

Bringing in eDesign Tribe, also means bringing in a depth of knowledge around eDesign, which will directly address this need in the market. It means bringing knowledge & know-how to the community so that we’re stronger together.

Mydoma Acquires eDesign Tribe

What does the future of Mydoma look like?

The future of Mydoma is to continue to grow our support and investment in the success of designers, both on and off Mydoma – and that goal means two things.

Firstly it means continuing to make Mydoma the all-in-one platform for interior designers. And that means continually updating, improving, and creating new features to make a designer’s life easier, and centralize their interior design process. Bringing on eDesign Tribe means bringing in an entirely new feature on Mydoma that is going to upgrade your business in a major way – but more on that in the coming week! 😉

Secondly it means providing community and support throughout the entirety of a designer’s professional journey. And to do that in a bigger and better way, Jenna and her team at eDesign Tribe will be joining Mydoma to lead education and community. They have some incredibly exciting plans in the works to create a space for interior designers that aims to inspire, educate, connect, and train interior designers, and we’ll have more to share on that soon too (we know, so many teases in this post! 😅)

Onwards & upwards, friends

From the release of Mydoma NEXT, to this acquisition, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of the Mydoma community. We are so excited for what’s to come both in the short-term, and down the line, and we thank you all for continuing to make the journey with us. If you want to be kept in the know on all the exciting things coming to Mydoma, then be sure to provide your email below and we’ll give you the inside track.

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