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Getting Help with Your Design Business by using Virtual Assistants

June 3, 2022

A guest post by Pamela Durkin, ASID, LEED AP ID+C

Wearing just too many hats right now?

They might include: Admin, CAD person, Virtual Renderer, Accounting, Social Media Manager and maybe even…..*gasp* Designer!

It can be pretty stressful being in charge of all those responsibilities, and bringing in some extra help may seem out of reach, but it can be easier than you think! Hiring Virtual Assistants to help you in your business can free you up for your most important work – designing, taking great care of your clients, and securing new, amazing projects.

I have been using overseas Virtual Assistants (VAs) for several years now. Their help has been invaluable to getting it all done. I know you want to maintain control of EVERYTHING, but that is just not feasible if you want to grow. If you have wanted to explore this in your business, here are a few good points to consider.

Some common jobs you can outsource

CAD Drawings
3d Renderings
Website updates
Administrative Tasks

How to hire a virtual assistant

The 3 steps to hiring VAs with the most success are simplify, plan, and execute.

Simplify: Go ahead and start small. Pick a task that has a clear beginning, middle and end. Once you get the hang of it, you can branch out to bigger projects.\

Plan: Write out the steps in the process. What information will they start with? When will you check in on their progress? What is the deadline? How much are you willing to pay? When will the project be considered complete?

Execute: Post a concise statement of work on one of the common sites like: Upwork or Freelancer. These are great for CAD, 3ds and Graphics. You can also look at Hire My Mom or Go Squared Away (Military Spouses). These would be great for Admin work.

The nice part of this process is that you can set and see exactly what you will pay ahead of time, so there are no surprises. Keep in mind, many overseas assistants are either educated in or very familiar with working with US companies. So, culture and time zones are not as much of an issue as you may have thought. You will be amazed to find out what you can get help with for a very reasonable price. 

I hope this has demystified the process of hiring a Virtual Assistant enough for you to try it. It’s an easy and affordable way to get you the help you need right away!

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Written by Pamela durkin

Design is powerful and Pam wants designers to step into that power. After almost 30 years in the design business, helping other designers create a business they love became a new passion for her. She teaches others how to be magnetic and attract the best clients. This method makes owning a design business easier and more fulfilling and who isn’t up for that? Her book, Elevate! Can be found here.

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