How Interior Designers Can Fill their Pipeline with Ideal Clients

January 27, 2022

What follows is a small excerpt from an outstanding webinar with Salimah Mamdani. Want to check out the replay? Then be sure to go grab it here!

As an interior designer, there are no shortage of things that we can be spending our time on. So one thing we shouldn’t be doing is sinking time on clients who ultimately, aren’t the right client for us. But what if you could make sure your pipeline was filled with ideal clients?

Sounds pretty ideal, right? Well the good news is that this isn’t some far-flung fantasy, there are actions you can be taking to actively make sure that you’re only (or mostly!) filling your funnel with the clients you want to work with.

Create A Signature Service

One of the best ways to make sure your pipeline is filled with your ideal clients is to craft a signature service. Now you make be asking “is that like having a niche?” Well, yes and no.

Creating a signature service means differentiating yourself in the market, while making yourself an authority in the hearts, minds (and wallets!) of your ideal clients.

It can be scary to narrow your focus down like this – maybe you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself, or want to be known as a one-trick pony. You may fear you might miss out on work, or, that there just might not be enough people out there for you to market to.

But here’s the thing.

In this day and age, with everyone being bombarded with marketing and advertising, it is so incredibly hard to reach everyone, and establish your expertise across multiple areas of design. So instead of trying to be all things to all people, trying to juggle multiple messages, choose one and get the ability to deliver a really, really strong message about who you are and what do you – because a signature service works like a magnet to attract your ideal clients.


How to Choose your Interior Design Signature Service

A signature service is created with your passion, your talents, your experience, and your expertise. When your signature service is aligned with those values, you’ll find it infinitely more experience to market and talk about yourself in a way that will resonate with your ideal clients.

So take a look at your portfolio (or, if you’re just starting out, the portfolio of designers you admire!) What sticks out for you in terms of projects you truly enjoyed or were passionate about?

The second thing you might want to consider is the client themselves. Are there certain demographics you’re drawn to? Maybe you love working with young families? Or maybe it’s retirees? These are specific segments of the market with very specific needs. And this can extend into the commercial side of things too! Maybe it’s dentists or other healthcare providers, maybe it’s accountants, or retail or nail salons. These could also be segments that you develop your signature service from.

You can even think of specific areas of a home or commercial space. Maybe it’s bedrooms, or principal rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, or even nurseries.

Taking a look at all these facets of the market can help you find a signature service that is truly inline with our values of passion, talent, experience, and expertise.

Want to hear more ways to fill your funnel with ideal clients? Be sure to watch the full webinar!

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