How Interior Designers Can Use the Holidays to Get More Leads

August 29, 2022

No matter what side of the “it’s too soon to talk about the holidays” argument you lie on, they’ll be here before you know it – and they’re the perfect time to increase the strength of your business’ client pipeline! So it may make you groan, but it’s time to think about the holidays, and, how you’re going to capitalize on them for your business.

So while we’ve talked about how you can package your interior design services for the holidays, or create some easy-to-buy gift certificates, today we want to talk about how you can use packages to get your funnel filled for the new year this holiday season!

And how you might ask? Well, with a Holiday Shop the Look Package.

What is a Holiday Shop the Look Package?

It’s a curated list of products that you give away for free to help your potential clients decorate their homes for the holidays. It’s pretty simple. It could be anything from tablescapes, to mantel decoration, tree decoration, front door decor, or even an overall holiday decor theme – the options are pretty endless!

Regardless of what you choose, these are all things that are going to help them build confidence, and take the frustration out of something that they probably find difficult (but you will excel at!) 

Why create one in the first place?

Event when it’s not the holidays, shop the look packages are a great to get new customer leads! While you’re giving it away for free, you’re going to start building trust with them. But more than that, you’re building a relationship for when the timing is right. 

Obviously the holidays are not a great time to start a project. Clients are preoccupied, it’s hard to get product, and it’s hard to get trade – it’s just not ideal. But what IS a good time is in the new year; in January or February. 

But in order to secure those leads, and to start building those relationships, we want to give them something that’s free. So we don’t want to charge for this shop the look package, we want to use it as a way to open the door to have the conversation.

We talk to designers all day long. And we’re hearing that many of you are absolutely swamped with project leads. And that’s fantastic. But not all of them are closing or moving forward, right? There are many different reasons for this, whether it’s getting access to trades, financing, or timing. We all know that the stars really do need to align for a full service project of significant scale. 

So what you want to do is start to build these leads now by giving something away so you can vet who they are, and then start to wait for those stars to align and work those leads in the new year.

The good news is though that you can actually still make money on these shop the look packages by simply putting in products with affiliate links for a nice lil’ bonus!

Alright, how do you make it happen?

If you’re all primed to give this a go, and get started, check out the recording of our past Control the Chaos webinar for building holiday shop the look packages!

Mydoma Co-Founder and CEO Sarah Daniele takes you through step-by-step on how to create them in the best way possible, while showing you examples along the way to help you get inspired to create your own!

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