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[FREE TEMPLATE] How to Create an Interior Design Client Welcome Packet

February 7, 2022

Table of Contents

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The Client Welcome Packet

With a service design business you need to stand out from your competitors. Raw talent and a big social media following are useful, but not the only things to consider. Prioritizing client experience is the untapped sales strategy that interior designers can use to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

As a creative professional, you want to remind your clients’ why they are considering working with you. A client welcome packet is powerful selling tool that beautifully showcases your work,  get’s your client excited to work with you and sets client expectations upfront. Interior design projects can be expensive and for some clients a major personal investment. Establishing trust with the designer they’ve chosen to hire is key. 

Interior design welcome package

Why Does Client Experience Matter?

The answer is simple. Sell the way you want to buy. Put yourself in the clients shoes. What is it that makes you feel confident when you’ve hired for a home service? A beautiful Instagram feed is exciting but it doesn’t establish confidence. Was it price? Quality of workmanship? Communication? The reality is selling on client experience builds trust.

What to Include in a Client Welcome Packet

New clients will have many questions. Your client welcome packet will include all the pertinent information needed to work with you. Prepare them for the experience of working with your design firm. Your goal is to put their mind at ease, showcase your work and get them excited! We recommend including the following sections:

Summary about your business
Tell us about you and your business. What makes you special!

Business details

  • Contacts
  • Payment options and billing cycle
  • Communication / typical response time
  • Meetings ( virtual/ in person)
  • Vendors you work with


Meet our Team
Who’s your dream team? Share information on your core team and their role in your client’s project. If you’re solo, this is the time to share more about you specifically and the trades you work with.

Interior design welcome package

Design Process / How We’ll Work Together
Do you not skimp on this section.

Use plain language to explain your design process. This is where you’re establishing trust. Your portfolio and social media showcase that you can do the work. This is where you explain HOW you’ll get the job done. Every client has either had a bad experience or knows someone who has. Put their mind at ease.

Get Started with Your Own Client Welcome Packet

We understand that as an interior designer you’re inundated with things you need to do. With that in mind, we’ve taken the time to create a fee client welcome packet template you can use for your own interior design business! Simply update with your business information and use as is or customize it to fit your brand.

Fill out the information below and we’ll send you our template!


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