How To Develop and Price a Menu of Design Services: The Recap

June 9, 2021

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How to Develop and Price a Menu of Design Services

At our last 19 Hours, Claire Jefford delivered an absolutely amazing session on how to develop and price your menu of design services, collectively cramming our heads full of great, actionable knowledge. (Side-note, if you missed it, you can find the recording here!)

Being clear on the interior design and decorating services you’ll offer in your business is so key! It ensures that potential clients completely understand the benefits of working with you, and by providing different services at varying price ranges you will not only pinpoint the best way to assist a client based on their needs, but also ensure that the design service you’re recommending works with their budget.

Naturally, a topic as meaty as this garnered a lot of questions from our attendees, and while we couldn’t get to them all, Claire has graciously put together this followup video to address a few of the lingering ones we couldn’t get to.

In the video above, Claire follows up on the following questions from her 19 Hours session:

  1. Do you suggest putting your various fees directly on your website OR at least stating, “Services start at $x.xx.”?

  2. What do you say to that potential client who says, “well I called two other designers and they don’t charge for their consultations”?

  3. Do you charge differently for the Working Design Session or the Getting to Know you consultations?

  4. In Designer by Your Side how do you handle custom work? For example, would you handle all of the selections, and carry out custom window treatments?

  5. Regarding including renderings in this Designer By Your Side package, what if I outsource these drawings? The cost to outsource would then come out of this revenue – and that doesn’t make sense to me.

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Written by Claire Jefford

Claire Jefford is a Certified Interior Decorator who began her award winning firm in 2011. She is proud to be the highest reviewed Design Professional in the Toronto area with over 100 reviews. Claire is also a Business Coach and offers extremely valuable resources to help others in the industry to run a successful design business. She is passionate about marketing, video content creation & having organized processes. Learn more about Claire at her website.