[FREE TEMPLATE] How to Template your Projects to Save Yourself Time & Effort

February 10, 2022
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Working Smarter, Not Harder

We’ve all been crazy busy at some point. Maybe you’re crazy busy right now. And in the case of our businesses, busy is great when you’re working on a bunch of amazing projects designing beautiful spaces with clients who trust you.

But there’s another kind of busy, a busy that we all find ourselves in at some point. The kind of busy that has you buried in admin work and client management. The kind of busy that makes that vein in your forehead throb.

So, how do we get that first kind of busy, and minimize our time in the forehead-
throbbing kind of busy?

You need to get your processes locked down and streamlined. 

Nothing sucks up your time, effort, and energy like consistently re-inventing the wheel! When you make it up as you go, it can leave you feeling scattered and frantic every time a new project comes in.

And that’s why templating out your projects in Mydoma is so incredibly powerful. Instead of going through the initial uncertain scramble, you’ll instantly have everything you need to start the project and get going. Checklists, documents, and everything else you need to nail it – all set and ready to go!

Ready to See It in Action?

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