Backstage at High Point Market

Fall 2021 Market has concluded, but you can still get our recap video, our product lookbook & the trend report too!

Whether you’re going to HPMKT in-person, or checking things out virtually, arm yourself with a backstage pass.

Backstage at High Point Market will bring you showroom tours, private conversations, lookbooks, an insider’s guide to High Point Market, and access you just won’t get anywhere else!

No matter how you are planning to attend this year, we’re giving you the ultimate look into High Point Market.

More than just a “virtual High Point”

For those of you attending virtually, at the end of the event we’ll send you a HPMKT product lookbook, virtual tour videos, and an industry trend report, so you don’t miss out.

The Definitive In-person HPMKT Experience

If you’re attending in-person, we’ll have showroom tours, a guide to the best of High Point Market, and prizes!  We’ll also send you our virtual tour videos, our HPMKT product lookbook, and our industry trend report at the end of the event.



How does this event work?
Sign up below and let us know whether you’re attending in person or virtually.  We’ll send an email for all in-person events to those onsite. For virtual attendees, we’ll pop into your inbox throughout market and follow up with all your goodies at the end of the week.


How do I participate in person?
Start your day by heading over to the SOURCC showroom. Pick up your map, swag and beverage.


What do virtual attendees receive?
Virtual attendees will our HPMKT look book, trend guide and highlight product video reels. You’ll be armed with the resources you need.

Is there a cost?
Nope! This is entirely free, and there’s no cost associated with participating.

Get the Inside Track at HIGH POINT MARKET

Sign up below, and we’ll send you the links to our recap video, the Look Book, and our Trend Report too!