IDP Live – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Wednesday, December 14th - 7pm est

IDP Live Good Bad Ugly

Let's get together and dish

Being an interior designer definitely has its ups and downs. And sometimes even the best laid plans can go south in almost comically bad ways.

So let’s cap off the year with a fun little social, put on by Mydoma with our very own Director of Education & Community, Jenna Gaidusek to revel in the wins, and give a collective “ooph” (and maybe a bit of a laugh) at the things that didn’t quite go our way.

We’ll have a few stories on hand, but we’ll also be allowing designers in attendance to share their own if they have a tale to share – so feel free to come with something that’s going to wow us, or, just sit on the sidelines and get the popcorn ready.

Let’s end the year with this amazing social event as part of our Interior Design Playbook live series!

This event has now concluded

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