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Add Rendering (and More!) to Your Offering – Introducing the Mydoma Visualizer!

July 25, 2022

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With our recent acquisition of eDesign Tribe, we promised a HUGE new update was on its way. 

And now it’s time to pull back the curtain, because rendering (and so much more) is now available for Mydoma NEXT subscribers on all plans. Introducing…. The Mydoma Visualizer!

Rendering now available in Mydoma

We are so incredibly excited to add this powerhouse feature to the suite of tools you trust to help you run a successful interior design business. With the Mydoma Visualizer not only will you be able to create and render beautiful visualizations in no-time flat, but you also don’t need to know how to use complex drafting softwares to use it.

This is an incredible addition, and we know you are absolutely going to love it – and your clients will love it too!

Simple & intuitive to use

Drag and drop functionality cropped

The Mydoma Visualizer is one of our most powerful features yet, but don’t let that scare you – because getting started with this new addition isn’t going to require going back to school for drafting or rendering.

You’ll get the ability to show off your designs in 3D by simply dragging and dropping product, fixtures, and more into the room. Regardless of your experience with other drafting softwares or rendering in general, you’ll have the ability to create something beautiful that does your work justice – and blows your client away!

Thousands of product from some of your favorite brands - right out of the box!

Add furniture fixtures cropped

Let your creativity go wild! Out of the box, you’ll get access to our members-only furniture and fixture catalog, which has thousands of product from some of your favorite brands!

This catalog is ever-evolving, so you’re sure to find that piece that really brings the space together.

Don’t see what you need? Not a problem, you’ll also have the ability to upload your own product, so you never have to settle for less than exactly what you want for your project.

Nothing wows a client like seeing how that piece of furniture, or that beautiful fixture fits into THEIR space.

Give your client an experience your competition can't

Present to clients cropped

No matter how great a designer you are, nothing can sink a business like a poor client experience.

Clients remember great experiences, they remember the “wow” moments that reaffirmed why they hired you. And with the Mydoma Visualizer, you’ll be able to give them one heck of a “wow” moment.

Using 3D rendering and immersive augmented reality (AR) within the Mydoma Visualizer, your clients can walk through their space as if they were really there

Not only does this create a “wow” moment they just won’t find anywhere else, you’ll help your clients visualize their lives in their space and close deals faster. 

A full set of tools to create realistic renders

Floor planning 1

Floor Planning

Lighting 1

Lighting Settings

Colour and texture editor 1

Texture and Colour Swap

2D 3D View 1

2D and 3D Rendering

Panoramic View 1

Panoramic Tours

Virtual reality 1

VR Walkthroughs

And more!

Add rendering to your offering - easily!

Realistic kitchen rendering in Mydoma

The Mydoma Visualizer is an incredibly exciting addition to our premier platform for interior designers, and we know that you’ll be able to level up your business in a BIG way with it. 

Whether it’s by building up your portfolio, creating high-end marketing content, or, helping your clients visualize their space, the Mydoma Visualizer is there to help you do it quickly & easily!

Not on Mydoma? Then why not sign up for a free 15-day trial to check us out? There’s no credit card required, so there’s no risk to seeing how we make designers’ lives easier.  If you’d prefer, you can also sign up for a demo with a Mydoma Account Executive who would love to show you around Mydoma, & answer any questions you might have!

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