Introducing the Mydoma Badge Program!

October 21, 2021
Mydoma badge program

We’re so excited to finally announce the Mydoma badge program, something we’ve been cooking up in the background to give you even more value for being a part of the Mydoma family!

What is the Mydoma Badge program?

The Mydoma badge program is a digital badge that you can embed on your website to let your clients know you’re a legitimate business that uses a trusted industry platform to deliver outstanding projects!


Because by showing you use a platform like Mydoma, you’ve demonstrated that you’ve invested in your business, and that you’re serious about it. It shows a level of professionalism and polish that instills confidence in your clients. You’ll also create trust by aligning with Mydoma, a trusted partner in the industry. 


Getting your badge is easy! Just log into your studio and head over to our help article and search for “badge” and you’ll get the instructions (and your code!) to get your Mydoma Designer Badge onto your website. Not on Mydoma yet? Then sign up for a FREE 15-day trial. There’s no credit card required, and there’s no commitment, so what do you have to lose?

We’ll have more badges coming out soon, including an exclusive Mydoma Pro badge to set you apart from the pack. Criteria to meet Mydoma Pro, and the other badges we’ll be releasing to come at a later date, but in the mean-time we encourage you to log into your studio and go get your own Mydoma Designer badge!

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