LuAnn Nigara & Sarah Daniele Reminisce About the First 19 Hours

May 9, 2022

19 Hours is just over a week a way, and we can’t believe this is already the third year of the conference! It’s so surreal to us that this lil’ idea of Sarah and LuAnn’s that came out of everything getting cancelled left, right, and center during the onset of the pandemic has blossomed into an amazing multi-day online event that just keeps on getting bigger and better every single year.

So as we think about just how far 19 Hours has come in just a few short years, we’re feeling a little nostalgic, so we thought we’d re-surface this delightful video of LuAnn and Sarah from last year’s conference where they talk about just what happened to make that first 19 Hours happen.

Honestly, we could just listen to them talk all day, and it’s so great to hear from them on how they turned a whole lotta of lemons into some might fine lemonade!

So enjoy, and hopefully we’ll see you at this year’s free event? We really pulled out all the stops, and our lineup is SO stacked – so we know that you’re going to get so much outta spending the 18th & 19th with us, and our amazing lineup of speakers and sessions.

Until then! 

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