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Marketing to the Affluent

February 9, 2022

A guest post by Pamela Durkin, ASID, LEED AP ID+C

it’s one of the best Marketing tools you have…

Are you looking for better clients? Are you Marketing to the affluent? Think about this, you could sell (20) design packages at $500 or (1) at $10,000. Sounds impossible? It isn’t – if you are targeting the right client that is! Every town has affluent customers that you can tap into. But first, you need to know some facts:

  • 71% of the Ultra rich are self-made.
  • They are deeply suspicious of anyone who does not believe in hard work.
  • The story of your background and how you made yourself is very important to them.
  • They tend to be pressed for time.
  • They’re eager for competence & convenience & are willing to pay for it.
  • They worry about loss of money, power, status, and security.
  • They seek approval, recognition & respect, especially from those they do business with.

Don’t be fooled, just because they have the means to pay for anything they want, it doesn’t necessarily translate to an easy, slam dunk sale. You still need to demonstrate what they will get for the price they are paying.  But, if you can talk about the time they will save, and the ease in which your services will help them get to the finish line, you are well on your way. 

In order to find them in your area, you need to be where they are at. You can join the local Country Club, but if that’s a bit out of reach, you can still rub elbows with the Affluent in your town. Some suggestions on how to do just that:

  • Get involved in local Charity Events – something close to your heart.
  • Attend high profile Local Events. In my town, there are events sponsored by the high-end car clubs like Ferrari and Art shows.
  • Talk about their Hobbies in your Monthly Newsletter or even your Social Media posts. My Client newsletter this month was all about Wine. How to incorporate a wine room, getting more educated on wine and wine recommendations. 
  • Do a Q&A Session with a local high end travel agency. Talk about the design of hotel rooms and how you can bring that experience into your home. Post it on Social Media as a video, live or other content on your website.

I hope these suggestions help you get in front of more Affluent clients!

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Written by Pamela durkin

Design is powerful and Pam wants designers to step into that power. After almost 30 years in the design business, helping other designers create a business they love became a new passion for her. She teaches others how to be magnetic and attract the best clients. This method makes owning a design business easier and more fulfilling and who isn’t up for that? Her book, Elevate! Can be found here.

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