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Mydoma NEXT is Here! See What’s New…

May 18, 2022

Update: A new powerhouse feature has been added to Mydoma NEXT – The Mydoma Visualizer. Get the ability to easily create beautiful visualizations and renders with drag-and-drop functionality! Learn more here.

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We are so excited to share the next iteration of Mydoma Studio–Mydoma NEXT!

This is our biggest product update, ever, and we think you’re going to love the new features we have released.

Mockup of Mydoma on a tablet, mobile phone, and laptop

Why Mydoma NEXT & Why Now?

It’s no secret that the interior design business landscape has changed.

Client expectations and demands have grown and clients want information at their fingertips. Many designers struggle with keeping up and, as a result, remain in a very reactive place versus a proactive one. However, being reactive all the time is the fastest way to burn out.

Due to these growing demands, technology is no longer a nice-to-have… it’s a must-have. The old way of doing business with a pen and pencil or with clunky Excel spreadsheets, that you need to manually update, won’t cut it. Your clients want a platform they can access to get the information they want when they want it.

We’ve talked to hundreds and hundreds of designers over the years and we rebuilt our beloved Mydoma Studio platform to meet the demands of the market. We’ve improved core features to fundamentally change how you work today but also into the future.

And, that is what we’re launching today… Mydoma NEXT.

While this first set of features is only the beginning, we think you’re going to find Mydoma NEXT to be intuitive and beautifully aligned to your business. It’s a fresh and modern user experience but it’s also familiar. Existing users will recognize the core features but will appreciate how they come together in a much more harmonious way.

With all that said, we’d love to introduce you to Mydoma NEXT and highlight some of the new and improved features that we think you’ll adore.

Project Management

Mockup of project management tools in Mydoma Studio

With Mydoma NEXT, you’ll get a full suite of time-saving tools so you can perfect your process and spend less time managing and more time designing.

Here is just a shortlist of the activities that you can manage inside of your projects:

  • Appointments
  • Files and media
  • Notes
  • Contract sign-offs
  • Proposals
  • Budgets
  • Questionnaires
  • And more…


The nice thing about Mydoma NEXT is that there are so many more customization options for your projects. Not only can you change the colour scheme (hello, fresh look and feel!) but you can also turn on or off project features to reduce visual clutter and only show what you need.

Speaking of customizations, you can also create custom statuses that best reflect your workflow and visually move clients through the design process.

We also heard you say that you needed to save even more time on the administrative side of your business so we created project templates. With Mydoma NEXT you can replicate projects with templates to create new projects that reflect your workflow in seconds.

Learn more about our project management features

Discover how you can use Mydoma to save time & impress more clients

Client Portal

Mockup of Mydoma's Client Portal Feature

Remember when we said that not being able to manage client demands was the fastest way to burn out? Well, with Mydoma NEXT’s client portal, you’ll be able to give your clients access to everything they need in one, easy-to-access place.

You can also invoice your clients with Mydoma NEXT and automate some of your accounting activities. You can set up an invoicing schedule to send clients a notification that a payment is due and invoices can be paid via ACH or credit card through the client portal. You can also record manual payments, too!

The best part about having everything in one place is that your clients will know exactly where to go (and how to find!) important communication around their project. Whether it’s sending estimates, contracts or messages, you and your client can have a single source of truth AND you can set healthy boundaries with clients in the process! (Goodbye rogue text messages at 1AM!)

Learn more about our client portal here

"Mydoma Changed My Life!"

“[Mydoma] changed my life! Everything that I need is right there, all organized. And whatever my client needs, they can just log on and see it – it’s perfect. It’s really changed the way that I’m able to manage my projects.”

– Don Ricardo Massenburg Jr., DESiGN iNKREDiBLE LLC

Interior Design Packages

Mockup of Interior Design packages in Mydoma

This is arguably one of the more powerful income-generating features of the platform (and I know we can all relate to the benefit of making more money!) With Mydoma NEXT’s interior design packages, you can generate new client leads with embeddable design packages.

Mydoma NEXT also automates your discovery call process and streamlines the way you schedule and follow up with new clients. You can create and send proposals in seconds to reduce the friction of turning a lead into a client. 

Can somebody say cha-ching?!

Learn more about interior design packages here

Product Sourcing and Curation

Mockup of a product catalogue in Mydoma

With Mydoma NEXT’s product sourcing and curation features you can curate, catalog, and store your favourite products effortlessly.

Enter our product clipper. The product clipper is a browser add-on that you can install (free!) that will allow you to easily clip images and product information from anywhere online to add to your projects, purchase orders, proposals and more. Honestly, you’re going to fall in love with the platform after you give the clipper a try.

Our product catalog has also been improved. You can sort, filter and search your custom product list to quickly find what you’re looking for and provide the info to clients in whatever way you wish!

Learn more about our product sourcing and curation features

Discover how you can use Mydoma to save time & impress more clients


Realistic kitchen rendering in Mydoma

The Mydoma Visualizer is one of our most powerful features yet, but don’t let that scare you – because getting started with this feature isn’t going to require going back to school for drafting or rendering.

You’ll get the ability to show off your designs in 3D by simply dragging and dropping product, fixtures, and more into the room. Regardless of your experience with other drafting softwares or rendering in general, you’ll have the ability to create something beautiful that does your work justice – and blows your client away!

Not only can you create beautiful visualizations and renders with the Mydoma Visualizer, but by using VR and AR technology, you can have your clients walk through their new space as if they were there!


Learn more about the Mydoma Visualizer

Mood Boards

Mydoma Moodboards

This is the fun part, right?! With Mydoma NEXT, you can create inspiring mood boards with your saved products to share with clients or use privately on your projects. You can design multiple mood boards for a project and export those mood boards as needed.

Learn more about our mood boards feature

Purchase Orders and Invoicing

Mockup of purchase orders and invoicing in Mydoma

Mydoma NEXT is going to help you eliminate manual accounting by generating proposals, invoices, and purchase orders right on the platform.

Our proposal feature will help you eliminate the guesswork when creating project proposals by enabling you to drag and drop your existing products and services to create a scope of work for potential clients. Then, get client approval with the click of a button!

You can also use your product catalogue to generate purchase orders for your projects. Send them directly to your vendor from Mydoma and track their status to keep your projects on schedule.

Creating invoices becomes a painless process with all of your products and services already loaded into Mydoma NEXT. Quickly and easily send clients a notification in Mydoma that they have an invoice due and save yourself the (awkward) conversations.

Learn more about purchase orders and invoicing here

"My Business Has Doubled"

“Honestly, if I hadn’t started using Mydoma, by now, I’d probably be tapering the business down. Instead, I’ve completely revamped my entire process, and business has doubled.”

– Tanna Edler, TANNA BY DESIGN

Team and Vendor Collaboration

Mockup of a product catalogue in Mydoma

If you want to work more efficiently with your team and contractors, you’re going to want to check out this feature!

Working with your team has never been easier. Set up accounts for each of your team members to start working more efficiently. Mydoma NEXT allows you to fully customize your team member’s roles and permissions, too!

On the vendor side, you can share necessary information with vendors and contractors with the click of a button. Only want to share fixtures from the project? No problem! Mydoma NEXT gives you full customization of roles and permissions. 

Learn more about vendor and team collaboration

Time Tracking

Mockup of time tracking in Mydoma on mobile and desktop

Time. Is. Money. So, make every minute count on your projects and never lose track of your billable hours again with Mydoma’s built-in time tracking.

Track the time you spend working on each project from the Mydoma NEXT mobile app (coming soon!) or web platform. Feel at ease knowing that your time is tracked in one place no matter where you are. Once you have your time tracked, you can easily assign time entries to invoices and reports.

Learn more about the time tracking feature

Discover how you can use Mydoma to save time & impress more clients


Mydoma Integrations

To grow and scale your interior design business, you need tools that talk to each other and work well together. That’s why we’ve put a lot of thought into our integrations so that you can leverage Mydoma NEXT with the tools you already use and love.

Power up your design business and save even more time with Stripe, Quickbooks, Zapier, Calendly, Acuity Scheduling, and more integrations.

Learn more about our integrations

"Mydoma Has Helped Me Speed Up the Process With Clients"

“For me, the Product Clipper is number one! Before, I was sending all these links and PowerPoints to clients, and it was kind of a hot mess. Mydoma [and the product clipper] helped me really just speed up the process with my clients”

– Sarah Mouser, Ivory Lane Interiors

These Features are Only the Beginning…

As we mentioned earlier, we’re not stopping here…

Soon, we’ll be releasing even more features including our mobile app so that you can run your business anytime, anywhere. Available on Android and iOS devices, you’ll have access to all of your projects in the palm of your hand.

Mockup of Mydoma mobile app on various devices

We hope that you love what we’ve built with Mydoma NEXT.

"Complete Game-Changer for client relationships"

“Mydoma has been a complete game-changer for my client relationships! It’s easy to use and clients appreciate the ability to go into their studio and find what they need whether it be documents, notes, project updates, photos, etc.”

– Melissa Fields, Owner and President, Shades of Gray Design Studio

Discover how you can use Mydoma to save time & impress more clients

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