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Interior Designer Continuing Education

Since the pandemic began, we have all experienced a major pivotal moment in our design businesses. This has looked differently for many designers in our industry. There have been months where we have been so straight-out busy juggling a scope creep of 20+ projects. It’s like back in design school where you were staying up to finish you final project so you could present on time the next day… except that’s every day and there is no end in sight. And for other designers it’s been a time of self discovery - a time to slow down and really determine the direction of their business.

Mydoma NEXT Launch Post 1

We are so excited to share the next iteration of Mydoma Studio–Mydoma NEXT! This is our biggest product update, ever, and we think you’re going to love the new features we have released.

19 Hours 2022 Tiffany Brooks Solo

We are so close to this year's 19 Hours event, and believe us, keeping mum on this surprise has been tough, but, it's time to officially announce that.... (drum roll, please 🥁) ... HGTV Host and Interior Designer Tiffany Brooks will be joining us this year for 19 Hours!

Mydoma Studio on Laptop

Happy Tech Tip Tuesday!! Today, I'm talking about how to use keyboard shortcuts to increase your efficiency when you're using a computer. Here are some of my favourites!

19 Hours 2022 Announcment

19 Hours is just over a week a way, and we can't believe this is already the third year of the conference! It's so surreal to us that this lil' idea of Sarah and LuAnn's that came out of everything getting cancelled left, right, and center during the onset of the pandemic has blossomed into an amazing multi-day online event that just keeps on getting bigger and better every single year.


There's just a few short weeks until our landmark free digital conference for interior designers, 19 Hours is here! Believe us when we say we absolutely cannot wait to see you all. And why's that? Because this year is STACKED.

cursive handwriting with rise and shine

The font you choose for your interior design business will say a lot about your brand, so being consistent is important; but what about the font you use for your interior design work and presentations? Should you use the same font?

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