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Interior Designer Continuing Education

Since the pandemic began, we have all experienced a major pivotal moment in our design businesses. This has looked differently for many designers in our industry. There have been months where we have been so straight-out busy juggling a scope creep of 20+ projects. It’s like back in design school where you were staying up to finish you final project so you could present on time the next day… except that’s every day and there is no end in sight. And for other designers it’s been a time of self discovery - a time to slow down and really determine the direction of their business.

Designer Virtual Home Tour Background

Designer Virtual Home Tour is your opportunity to show what you do, refine your craft in a near-life, no-risk environment, and get the chance to win some amazing prizes.

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So, your business is growing and it's gotten to the point where you just don't have enough time in the day to get everything done anymore. It's time to bring another person into the fold. But how do you find the right person? How do you ensure it works? And ultimately, how do you provide them an environment that allows them to succeed? We break it down.

Interior designer creating a 3D rendering

So, you have met with your client and you now have a deep understanding of them, their goals and every intimate detail you have been able to pry out of them. You have worked feverishly to bring all of their hopes and dreams to life! But how do you present your ideas to give them that knockout presentation that will have them scrambling to sign that contract?

Calculator and pen

In the business of design, there’s only one way to ensure that you are protected when entering a new working relationship - a letter of agreement (LOA) or contract.

interior design marketing efforts

You don’t need to keep trying different tactics to bring in business, just be more observant to what's already working. I can be guilty of this is as well. It's a character flaw that us creatives like to....well....create. So, we chase the rush of creating something new only to get frustrated, burnt out and frazzled. Have you ever gone back in your business and tracked what marketing is working….or not?

pos card reader

As the business owner you need to offer your clients the option of online payments. You need to stop making excuses for why you haven’t and adapt to your clients needs. Learn the top 10 reasons you should offer online payments to your clients.


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