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10 new software updates

We all love designing, there's a reason we got into this industry after all - so sometimes a beautiful project reaching its end is reward enough. But, an interior designer's gotta eat (and maybe buy a fancy throw pillow or two), so inevitably we have to send that invoice, and make sure that money reaches our bank account. Sometimes, that can be a painful, awkward process, so we've made payments in Mydoma easy and awkward-free!

Ask Dixie Square Graphic

If we've said it once, we've said it before - everyone would benefit from having their own Dixie! From her 18 year career in the industry spanning commercial interior design with an architecture firm, space planning and styling at a high-end furniture store, e-design, and running her own firm, to being one of Mydoma's first users and becoming a product manager - she has a wealth of experience and knowledge that any designer might envy. And now you CAN tap into that experience and have your very own Dixie!

Interior Designer on Computer

It can be pretty stressful being in charge of all the responsibilities that come with running a business, and bringing in some extra help may seem out of reach, but it can be easier than you think! Hiring Virtual Assistants to help you in your business can free you up for your most important work - designing, taking great care of your clients, and securing new, amazing projects.

Interior Designer on Computer

How often do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted? Does every day feel like a constant hustle at your own expense? You might have even lost touch with why it is you’re pushing so hard.

19 Hours 2022 Recordings Image 2

We had an absolutely amazing 19 Hours this year! It's always an incredible feeling getting the interior design industry to come together to learn how to push our businesses further! And every year, we promise bigger and better... But if you'll allow us some self-indulgence, we really knocked it outta the park this year with a lineup of absolutely amazing and talented industry folk running a wide variety of really great sessions over the course of the two days of the event.

marketing interior design business

Knowing the type of clients and projects you want to work on is only part of your marketing equation. Making sure you are in places to give you the most exposure to those people is the other part. This include both online and offline locations. Let’s address the biggest method designers use to get in front of clients online: Social Media. There are a few techniques to make the most of this media.

Mydoma NEXT Launch Post 1

We are so excited to share the next iteration of Mydoma Studio–Mydoma NEXT! This is our biggest product update, ever, and we think you’re going to love the new features we have released.


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