Rolling with the Punches in Chaotic Times

January 10, 2022

Just under two years ago now (holy cow!) we put on 19 Hours, a virtual design conference. Maybe you’ve heard of it, or maybe you’ve even attended it in its first or second year.

But what you may not know is that we never imagined what it would become, and I think it’s a great lesson in rolling with the punches, and, not to get too cliché, but make lemonade outta lemons.

But let’s talk about how 19 Hours started.

It was back in April of 2020, and trade shows and events were getting cancelled left, right, and center. High Point Market was one of those.

And we were heartbroken.

We had so many phenomenal things planned for it. Events and sessions that would have allowed us to foster more community and face-time with designers. Things that, not to be crass, but would have really helped Mydoma’s bottom line. Our events are where we meet new designers, and gain exposure, and to lose that would definitely have an impact on the business.

So we were so very hopeful that Market was gonna happen, right up until the end. We planned and had meetings well into March, lining up some amazing speakers and sessions.

But, the news came in, and Market was cancelled.

Now, I firmly believe in crossroads moments, and I think this was one of them. We could have just come to terms with it, cancelled everything, and taken the loss and moved on with our lives. Or, we could make something of it.

We could make a heck of a lot of lemonade.

We were no strangers to doing webinars and digital content, having done typically 2 webinars a month for quite a long time.

So after talking with my friend Heleena, the question became, “well, can we just transition all this amazing stuff we have planned to online?”

So we took a shot in the dark, and created 19 Hours in the span of weeks.

And it was amazing.

Over 4,000 registrants, hundreds of people on every session, and glowing reviews on our feedback survey.

19 Hours was more than we ever imagined it could be.

There’s a lot of talk about “innovation” right now, in light of the ever-changing landscape we find ourselves in. But to me, innovation doesn’t come without a few shots in the dark. Without putting something out into the world, getting feedback on it, and iterating it.

Maybe, after two years of hectic stuff going on in the industry (looking at you supply chain!) it’s time to rethink your business, and adapt to the lemons we’ve been given. But if you don’t want to go it alone, and, you want to hear from some pretty smart people, then I invite you to check out our upcoming 19H event, 19H: The Rethink!

We’re really excited to be putting this one-day workshop & seminar on with amazing guests like LuAnn Nigara, Dixie Willard, and Erin Blaskie – and it really is designed to help you adapt your business to the realities we face in the industry currently, and, get some pretty sweet tools and templates to help make it happen.

I hope I’ll see you there!

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Written by Sarah Daniele

Sarah Daniele is the CEO and co-founder of Mydoma Studio.

Starting off her career as an interior designer, the first version of Mydoma Studio was built to fulfill a personal need. 

But after some encouragement from friends and colleagues,  Sarah traded in swatches for shoulder pads, taking up the mantle of CEO and building up Mydoma Studio for the interior design industry. 

Sarah is passionate about building tools and technology to allow interior designers to grow their businesses.

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