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Small Hinges Swing Big Doors

July 28, 2022

A guest post by Pamela Durkin, ASID, LEED AP ID+C

Have you ever heard this saying? It means that most times, big things happen because of small habits. All those little steps all add up. So, if you can go through the following small steps in your business, you will start to see some big results.

  1. Write down the names of your BEST customers. Then, all the details you can remember about them. Marital status, location, how they found you, personality type, etc. You get the idea. Now, combine their common and best traits into one All Star Client. Determining that All Star is crucial in knowing who you should be talking to at all times.

  2. Go back through your financial data and figure out what type of project or work that you do that is most profitable. Spend some time looking at past projects to determine if they were, indeed, profitable. You may be surprised what you discover. If it has a great margin AND it’s super enjoyable, you should be diving into that work MORE.

  3. Look at your Lead Tracking List to determine where your best source of multiple leads come from. If you are not currently tracking this, start TODAY. This will give you a clear direction on WHERE you should be spending your time when it comes to garnering new, qualified leads for your business.

Set a timer for 60 minutes and I bet you can come out the other side with a much better understanding of your All Star client, project and lead source. Everything post you write should be catered to this type of project, this type of client, this type of lead source. If you can hone in on these 3 small hinges, you will be swinging big doors in your business!

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Written by Pamela durkin

Design is powerful and Pam wants designers to step into that power. After almost 30 years in the design business, helping other designers create a business they love became a new passion for her. She teaches others how to be magnetic and attract the best clients. This method makes owning a design business easier and more fulfilling and who isn’t up for that? Her book, Elevate! Can be found here.

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