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The High Point Market Spring 2023 Recap

April 26, 2023

Table of Contents

People, Panels and Products

As we wind down from the latest whirlwind that is High Point Market – we wanted to recap the highlights of our latest trip to HPMKT, this Spring 2023. This market for the Mydoma team was all about education and community, and we were so happy to meet designers from our community in person!

With so many exciting events and activities, we can honestly say that the product isn’t the only reason why designers all flock to High Point, North Carolina each spring and fall – it’s truly about the connection to our fellow designers that makes the trip so worthwhile.

Mydoma at the vacation rental design summit 2023

Before High Point Market officially started we attended the Vacation Rental Design Summit at the Loft at Congdon Yards on April 20-21st. We got to meet with designers who are designing short-term rental properties and teach them about how Mydoma can help them get organized and create renderings. Jenna Gaidusek, our Director of Community and Education and Dixie Willard our Product Manager had an amazing time connecting with designers who are entering this new design space.

Our events at High Point Market Spring 2023

Let’s begin with the events at market! One of our favorite things to do is to connect IRL with all the designers we’ve come to love through our chat bubble and social communities.

Learn to Love High Point Market Tour

We kicked off High Point Market with our Learn to Love High Point Market Tour with the Interior Design Society, Debbe Daley, and Wendy Woloshchuk. Debbe and Wendy led a group of High Point Market newbies on an epic tour of some amazing showrooms.

Thibault Showroom at High Point Market

We met the lovely group of designers at the Interior Design Society Lounge located in the historical radio building in downtown High Point. We shared breakfast and kick-off speeches before the tour group braved the rain for their first stop at Thibault. 

The Thibault showroom delighted with fun fabrics and trims in an array of cheerful colors. Set in the historic Market Square this location is stunning. 

Next, we headed over to Currey & Co. for refreshments and libations and enjoyed the brand’s breathtaking display of luxurious lighting and home decor.

Our third stop was Norwalk, where we were treated to a delightful lunch while exploring their stunning showroom. Their customizable upholstery and unique accent pieces left us feeling inspired and eager to incorporate their pieces into our own designs.

Next up was Bernhardt, where we were blown away by their modern and sophisticated collections. The attention to detail in their furniture and decor left us in awe, and we couldn’t help but imagine how we could bring their pieces into our own homes.

Eichholtz was our fifth stop, and it was truly a feast for the senses. The luxurious fabrics, intricate details, and glamorous designs had us feeling like we had stepped into a high-end boutique hotel. Their furniture, lighting, and decor were simply breathtaking.

Gabby was our sixth stop, and their unique blend of vintage and contemporary styles had us completely captivated. The eclectic mix of textures, colors, and materials in their collection made for a truly unforgettable experience.

Finally, we ended our tour at Feizy Rugs, where we were dazzled by the intricate designs and beautiful colors of their handcrafted rugs. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality was evident in every piece we saw.

The Learn to Love High Point Market Tour was a fantastic adventure that left designers feeling inspired, invigorated, and excited to bring these stunning pieces into our own design projects. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these incredible brands, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to have experienced them firsthand. Thank you to Wendy and Debbe and the IDS team for helping make the tour a reality!

Mydoma and Interior Design Society Learn to Love High Point Market Tour Group Photo
Learn to Love High Point Market Tour Group Photo
Jill Seale and Caroline Hipple showcasing Norwalk's custom Siesta Key wallpaper and fabric
Jill Seale and Caroline Hipple at Norwalk
Learn to Love High Point Tour charcuterie board
Charcuterie board by IDS
Wendy Woloschuk leading the Learn to Love High Point Market Tour
Wendy leading the tour

Concert at Center Stage

On Saturday night we joined IDS for the Doug E. Fresh concert at Center Stage. Having stepped in last minute for En Vogue, Doug E. Fresh did not disappoint. He had the crowd dancing and singing along all night long. The energy was amazing and reminded us all about the importance of taking time to relax, have fun, and appreciate the moments that bring us all together.

SOURCC: Private Label 101 Exclusive Event

On Sunday afternoon we headed over to SOURCC for an exclusive Mydoma Event: Private Label 101. Mydoma designers learned all about creating their custom furniture line with Private Label Co. CEO, John Adcox over cocktails and snacks. Jenna Gaidusek also presented how designers can use their Private Label furniture in their renderings in the Mydoma Visualizer

Designers watching Jenna Gaidusek present at SOURCC
Jenna Gaidusek presenting
IMG 3711 e1682541686113

Our Panels at HPMKT Spring 2023

The education at High Point Market for design professionals is unparalleled. All these brilliant minds in one place, there is always a compelling panel or workshop going on at HPMKT to help you grow your business.

Courageous Color – Fireside Chat & Lunch with Jaipur Living, Pantone and Maria Killam

Next up was Courageous Color – Fireside Chat & Lunch with Jaipur Living, Pantone and Maria Killam. This panel discussion was a super insightful conversation about confidently and courageously guiding your clients toward color. Maria Killam, True Color Expert, and Tannese Williams, Product Manager at Pantone, discussed what is timeless vs trendy and which tools are useful in working with color. This event was hosted in Jaipur Living’s gorgeous and airy showroom. 

Courageous Color with Maria Killam, Tannese Williams, and Lance Trachier
Courageous Color
Sarah Daniele and Maria Killam
Sarah Daniele and Maria Killam

Render to Reality Designer Panel

The designer panel hosted by EQ3 was an insightful and engaging discussion about how designers are using rendering to grow their businesses and generate more revenue. Moderated by LuAnn Nigara, Jenna Gaidusek, Tiffany Cassidy, and Becca Reynolds shared their experiences with using rendering for everything from full-service projects to passive income streams. Attendees were able to learn from their peers and gain valuable insights into the benefits of incorporating rendering into their own design businesses. With rendering becoming an increasingly important trend in the industry, this panel was a must-attend event for any designer looking to stay ahead of the curve and take their business to the next level.

Render to Reality Designer Panel at High Point Market
EQ3 Showroom Event

Presentation & Workflow Secrets to Close More Deals with Dixie Willard

The Feizy-hosted event focused on helping designers improve their design presentations in order to close more projects and win over clients. Dixie Willard, the beloved Product Manager at Mydoma, shared her insights and secrets to creating effective design presentations that capture clients’ attention and leave them eager to sign on the dotted line. Attendees learned how to streamline the presentation process and create compelling visuals that showcase their design ideas and expertise. By the end of the event, designers were armed with new skills and strategies to help them win more business and take their careers to the next level.

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20230424 125931 e1682618652312
20230424 130007

Product & Trends seen at HPMKT Spring 2023

We don’t want to give away too many spoilers as to what was hot this spring at market because you should definitely tune into the High Point Spring Market 2023 Recap With Mydoma & Friends (or catch the replay!) This round-table has a few of our friends that attended market, Melissa Fields of Shades of Gray Design Studio being one of them!

But here’s a small sample of all the beautiful products we had the privilege of indulging ourselves in.

Nostalgic & Bold Patterns

Bold patterns have been a popular interior design trend for some time now, and it’s not hard to see why. Bold patterns add interest, depth, and personality to a space, allowing homeowners to infuse their personal style into their living areas. From oversized floral prints to geometric shapes and stripes, we saw it all at High Point Market.

Curved Lines

It was hard to miss the prevalence of curved lines in many of the furniture and decor pieces on display. Manufacturers seemed to be embracing the softer and more organic shapes that curves provide, moving away from the sharp angles and clean lines that have been popular in recent years. From curved sofas to rounded lighting fixtures, the use of curves added a sense of movement and flow to the spaces, creating a more inviting and comfortable atmosphere.


Colour was certainly not in short supply at High Point Market, with brands showcasing bold, vibrant hues throughout their showrooms. From bright upholstery to eye-catching artwork and accessories, the use of colour was a prevalent trend that added energy and life to the spaces. While neutrals and earth tones continue to be popular, many manufacturers are embracing the power of colour to create mood and express individuality in their pieces.


Stripes were a popular design element, appearing on everything from upholstery fabrics to rugs, wallpaper, and accessories. Whether thick or thin, vertical or horizontal, stripes added a sense of visual interest and texture to spaces and were often used to create a sense of movement and rhythm.


The trend towards maximalism is a departure from the more minimalist, pared-down aesthetics that have dominated in recent years, and it was clear that designers were eager to explore the possibilities of a more maximalist approach to design. From layering rugs to mixing and matching prints and colours, designers used maximalism to create spaces that were full of personality and whimsy. Bold statement pieces, such as oversized lighting fixtures and ornate mirrors, added drama and flair to spaces, while unexpected combinations of textures and patterns created a sense of visual interest and depth.


Blue was a dominant colour at High Point Market, appearing in a range of shades from soft pastels to deep indigos. Manufacturers showcased blue in various ways, from bold, statement-making pieces to subtle accents that added a calming and serene touch to spaces. Blue is a versatile colour that can work in many different design styles, and it was clear that showrooms were embracing the versatility of the colour in their displays.

High Point Market was an incredible showcase of the latest trends and innovations in interior design. As we reflect on the amazing designs and products on display, it’s clear that the industry is constantly evolving, and designers need to stay ahead of the curve to succeed. That’s why Mydoma’s educational events and project management platform are so valuable to designers. With Mydoma, designers can not only collaborate with clients and streamline their workflow, but they can also learn from industry experts and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices. So, whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, Mydoma has everything you need to take your business to the next level. Sign up for a free trial today and see how Mydoma can help you create amazing designs, collaborate more effectively with clients, and grow your business.

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