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The Interior Designer’s Solution to Burnout

June 1, 2022

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed so Your Business Can Thrive

How often do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted? Does every day feel like a constant hustle at your own expense? You might have even lost touch with why it is you’re pushing so hard.

Designers, I know you’re so committed to your clients. You’re talented and have a bigger vision for your interior design business, but when each day feels reactive, there’s little time or energy left to devote to building the business and life you truly desire.

That’s why addressing the root cause of burnout in your interior design business is essential. Not just so you can feel better and enjoy your day, but also so that your business continues to exist. Living in a state of burnout isn’t sustainable, and I’ve seen too many interior designers want to quit their business or go work for someone else. Today is the day you are going to understand the true cause of burnout and consciously decide to shift your mindset around what feels like a mountain full of challenges.

The Number One Thing You Need to Know About Stress and Burnout

Stress comes from stressful thinking. You read that right. Stress, burnout, and overwhelm are all feelings you create through our interpretation of the outside world. How do you know this is true? If burnout and stress came from the number of projects or Client Johnson herself, everyone would be impacted in the exact same way. Each designer would have the exact same experience – and that simply isn’t the case.

Sure, you might get others to agree with you (that so and so client is demanding!) – but even then, their interpretation will come through their own lens of the world and will have a slightly different flavor. Am more importantly, is the way you’re choosing to think about your clients and business serving you?

How to Change Your Thinking and Focus Your Internal Dialogue

You might now be thinking, so you’re telling me I’m the problem? Kind of. But it’s the best news ever. With your new awareness, you can start to notice the internal narrative running about your day. YOU get to decide if the way you’re thinking about your business and clients is serving you – and make a conscious decision to do something about it.

Understanding that the burnout comes from stressful thinking (and that we have the option to change those thought patterns) is the first step to take back the power in your business. It means that instead of being at the effect of whatever is going on with delayed shipments or a problem at a project site, you get to be the cause of the solution. You get to decide how you show up – and what experience you want to create- no matter what’s on your plate or what gets added to it.

Will you still take action to solve for overworking and burnout? Absolutely. But the practical steps I teach you to manage your time through methods such as effective delegation, systems and process creation, and boundary setting will be 100x more effective when approach your day with the mindset tools to support the tactics.

This is the work I do with my clients within my signature group coaching program, Out of Overwhelm. Not only do I guide you through my proven processes that combines mindset and practical tools, you’ll also be also be part of an intimate group of like-minded interior designers that are committed to working less, making more, and enjoying their businesses again.

For a sneak peek of one the tools I’ve created specifically for this program, click here to download your FREE copy of the Interior Designer’s Get it Done Daily Planner. This download alone can save your hours and hours per week and is consistently called a “game changer” by designers just like you.

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Written by Desi Creswell

Desi Creswell is a Certified Life and Business Coach who helps interior designers stop feeling overwhelmed so they can intentionally build thriving businesses that enrich and support their lives as a whole.

A former interior designer herself, Desi is uniquely equipped to empower her clients with an essential blend of industry-specific expertise and mindset coaching. To learn more about working with Desi, click here.

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