The One Trick I Use for Easy Interior Design Passive Income

March 23, 2023

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You know as a designer the more projects you do, the bigger your product library gets. And if you aren’t repurposing your product library into passive income and marketing content to future clients, you are totally missing the boat!

Think of it this way, with every room that you design for a client, you are building up a product library that can then be turned into affiliate linked (or your own eCommerce for private label upholstery) digital product or blog. You have to write blogs to build your SEO (search engine optimization) anyway. So why not create something that either earns you additional revenue and/or shows more of your style through the products that you select and begins to capture the attention of future clients that follow you on social media.

The Process

  1. Find a product you want to source. Ideally this is from a retailer that offers an affiliate program or a product from your personal collection that you sell via eCommerce (including private label upholstery).

  2. Use the Mydoma browser “Clipper” tool to clip the product from the website into your product library. *Be sure to categorize, tag and send to a project so you can sort them easier later.

  3. If your product is wallpaper, pillow, fabric (for an upholstered item), art, rug, paint or any other “texture” (.png or .jpg file), save the image of the product or create a “seamless texture” (1 picture of the pattern repeat).

  4. Upload this image to your personal library under the “texture” tab. You can then apply it to any surface or 3D model in the visualizer to make your render come to life!

*This is not for furniture that requires a 3D image file. For that I would save a picture of the product and then use the image search in the public library portion of the visualizer. Then find a look alike model and apply the actual textures to it. Or import a .skp (Sketchup) 3D model if necessary. 
JennaRender 1

Organize & Create

Now, in my product library I can set up a series of tags to my product. I will add a tag for “affiliate”, “so & so’s project”, “wallpaper”, “wallpaper blog” etc.. Any way you can sort and filter these for future use is what you need to speed up your client sourcing as well as your content creation. 

Now you can  turn this product into a passive income, lead generating machine on your website and market it on your social media! I create my content based around products that I love. It all begins with how you save and organize them in the beginning to save you time and allow you to produce your content faster and more efficiently. 

Rendered Flatlays in Mydoma

Want To Get Some Hands-On Training With Passive Income, Rendering, And More?

I want to invite you to join me for some upcoming hands-on-workshops just added to the Event’s calendar! As you may know I’ve been hosting small class size, hands on rendering workshops over the past couple of months. I’ve seen SO much success from designers that have never rendered before to producing incredible results during these workshops! I’ve added new dates, and, even new topics like passive income and specifically rendering for kitchen & bath. Hope to see you at one soon!

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Written by Jenna Gaidusek

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Jenna Gaidusek is the Director of Education & Community at Mydoma, and formally the founder of eDesign U, the largest virtual school for continued eDesign business education. 

As a practicing designer herself, she believes that an educator should practice what they preach. She also believes that there is plenty of room for everyone in this industry, and has dedicated herself to lifting up designers around her – empowering them to live the life that they’ve dreamt of!

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