12 Tips to Survive High Point Market

April 17, 2023

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If you’re an interior designer, you know that attending High Point Market can be both exciting and overwhelming. Going to High Point Market is the perfect opportunity to witness the latest trends and innovations in the industry, network with fellow designers and vendors, and gain inspiration for your upcoming projects. However, with so much to see and do and millions of square feet of showrooms, it’s easy to feel lost and exhausted. That’s why we’ve put together this survival guide alongside the help of our amazing design network and community to help you make the most of your time at High Point Market. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned attendee, these tips and tricks will help you navigate the crowds, stay organized, and get the most out of your High Point Market experience.

Special thank you to designers April Waltrip, Wendy Woloshchuk, Robin Carter Jackson, and Quintin Tate for answering our burning questions about High Point Market!

What shoes should you wear to High Point Market?

  • “Birdies, soo comfortable and very stylish! $20 off using the link” – April Waltrip
  • Clarks Women’s Layton Pace Sneaker” – Wendy Woloshchuk
  • “White or bling studded sneakers!” – Robin Carter Jackson
  • “Sneakers or Loafers! I love walking to all the various showrooms and events, but my feet like it even more when they are comfortable. Lol”  – Quintin Tate
Seems like the jury’s out on this one! Sneakers are the footwear of choice at High Point Market.

Best Spots for Lunch at High Point Market

High Point Market Survival Guide
IHFC Building and Center Stage
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Who has the best designer lounge to rest your feet?

  • Universal or Rowe/Robin Bruce” – April Waltrip
  • Universal or IDS” – Wendy Woloshchuk
  • Vanguard” – Robin Carter Jackson
  • The Showplace building. Inside and outside! It’s a central location, therefore you can still enjoy all the activities happening on the sound stage, food trucks, and your peers.” – Quintin Tate
  • Congdon Yards is a great place to relax with free wifi – Jane Dagmi from HPXD
Mydoma mixer at fall market 2022
The Mydoma Mixer held at The Point in Fall 2022

What's the best bag to carry?

  • Portland Leather backpack” – April Waltrip  
  • “Something small with a long strap. Ask that anything large be shipped to you.”  – Wendy Woloshchuk
  • “None. Use a small profile rolling briefcase” – Robin Carter Jackson
  • “A bag pack! Definitely something you don’t necessarily have to dangling down, because with all the showroom material, tote bags can become extremely heavy.” – Quintin Tate
  • The panelists from our “Making The Most Of High Point Market – The Insiders Guide” suggested carrying a tote bag, but don’t pick up too much free material or you’ll be regretting it later. Consider downloading the Mydoma App and adding vendor information into your vendor database as you go instead or pickup up endless business cards

What are the must haves in your bag at Market?

  • “Water bottle, phone charger, trail mix, business cards, Ibuprophen (ha!)” – April Waltrip
  • “Extra hair ties, lip gloss, a phone charger and Advil” – Wendy Woloshchuk
  • “Motrin, Carmex, backup charger, business cards, kleenex, hairbrush. PHONE for pictures.” – Robin Carter Jackson
  • “Phone charger, business cards, pen, notebook, and a bottle of water.” – Quintin Tate

Where do you like to stay for easy access to Market activities?

  • “Any Marriott in Greensboro on the shuttle schedule” – April Waltrip
  • “We love renting a small house with just a couple of people, so that we have a place to chill at the end of a long day”  – Wendy Woloshchuk
  • “Greensboro or Highpoint” – Robin Carter Jackson
  • “Well, I stay at a local family member house. However, I am one of many designers that are partaking in the renovation of the Red Lion Hotel, where I will have my very own executive suite that you guys can began booking for Spring 2024 Market. It’s literally been the heart of Market for years and we have partner with an amazing team to bring it back to life.” – Quintin Tate

What's your top tip for getting the most out of the day?

  • “Plan, plan, plan with the HPMKT app. I favorite the places I want go and group them by location in the app- starting at IHFC” – April Waltrip
  • “Make a plan! Plan your day by building or neighborhood so that you’re not running back-and-forth and you can consolidate your walking”  – Wendy Woloshchuk
  • “Take breaks. Plan your day by building and/or area of town. Use Go-Anywhere shuttles.” – Robin Carter Jackson
  • “Please Utilize the HPMKT App! Plan out the top 10 showrooms you want to visit. Make sure to browse the various panels happening at market so that you can attend when it’s time. Knowledge is power and theirs so much free knowledge being given at these events.” – Quintin Tate
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What are your personal favorite showrooms?

What do you suggest designers NOT do at High Point Market?

  • “Don’t carry a ton of stuff – take business cards but leave the pamphlets and go digital- it’s too much to carry!” – April Waltrip
  • “Don’t try to see it all! It’s impossible! Make a list of your priorities, and don’t forget to leave time to chat with new friends and find new show rooms as you go along.” – Wendy Woloshchuk
  • “Don’t Go without a plan, wear high heels, or try to see EVERYTHING in one market” – Robin Carter Jackson
  • “Do not stay in the IHFC Building! Market is huge!!! I highly encourage everyone to explore the outside brick and mortar showrooms, because they are truly hidden gems” – Quintin Tate

Do you attend any educational panels or events? What are your favorites?

  • Sherwin Williams and Mydoma Panel at HPMKT rotatedRugs 101 at Jaipur, Ask an Expert! At Market Square re antiques, Increasing Profitability & Revenue Streams at Norwalk” – April Waltrip
  • “Any panel with LuAnn Nigara or Nancy Ganzekaufer or musts for me”  – Wendy Woloshchuk
  • “Some education. Lots of the vendors official parties and product debut events.” – Robin Carter Jackson
  • Sherwin Williams panels are always informative, however The Black Interior Designers Network really do it for me. Being amongst my peers that are walking the same road as me, is humbling! We have such a good time! Like an old fashion cookout or family reunion.” – Quintin Tate
  • Mydoma is hosting a number of exciting educational panels and events in collaboration with vendors. RSVP today!

Any other tips that you've found useful for Market?

  • “Make time for socials and connections! Sign up for a tour or educational course. As an introvert, I have to be intentional about talking to reps and other designers.” – April Waltrip
  • “When it comes to footwear, go for comfort! Save your heels for another day.”  – Wendy Woloshchuk
  • “Make new friends!” – Robin Carter Jackson
  • “Network! Network! Network! Be yourself and be free! Know what you want to take from experiencing Market and do it. Check off those boxes and make new connections. I personally tell my friends, that on departure day, you should have at least 5 new showrooms that you can add to your personal design brand and 5 new professional/personal connections.” – Quintin Tate
  • Pack layers! You never know what kind of weather to expect – Maddie Landers from IDS
The Mydoma team at the Mydoma Mixer at High Point Market Fall 2022
Jenna, Lauren, Rebecca, and Sarah from Mydoma at High Point Market Fall 2022

Attending High Point Market can be an exciting and rewarding experience for anyone in the  interior design industry. However, it can also be overwhelming and daunting, especially for first-timers. We hope that by taking away some of these tips, you can make the most of your time at the market, network with industry professionals, and discover the latest trends and designs in the market. Remember to plan ahead, stay organized, and take breaks when needed to avoid burnout. With these tips, you can navigate High Point Market with confidence!

Don’t forget to check out all of the exciting events Mydoma is hosting for Spring Market. We’ve got some amazing panels lined up with industry experts in partnership with some of our favorite vendors. Don’t miss out on networking with some of the best! If you aren’t attending High Point this season, make sure to follow Mydoma on Instagram to catch a glimpse of what’s happening at High Point Market.

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