These Designers’ Favorite Trends & Product from HPMKT Fall 2022

November 8, 2022

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Once again we made the trip to HPMKT for Fall Market this year, and once again we weren’t disappointed by what we saw at the showrooms and exhibitions in High Point this year.

Did you miss out on Fall Market this year? (Or even if you did go, who can manage to see it all?) Not to worry because we got some of our favorite designers to recap the product and trends that came out of Fall Market this year. Here’s what they saw, what they loved, and what they can’t get enough of!

Hair on Hide

“So hair on hide. It blew my mind on this market. Normally, I would say for me, hair on hide, has always been like really rustic – like paired with heavier woods. This market was completely different. I would never have thought of hair on hide as being light and airy, but they made it light and airy. They made it sophisticated. There was a touch of glamour surrounding hair on hide, mixing it in with brass and metals. 

I’ve seen it in trays and coffee tables, and even in Ottomans. Hair on hide was kind of everywhere this Market, which I thought was really cool.”

Upcycled & Recycled Products

“This Market I put on a sustainability lens as I was sourcing and finding new brands. This black and gray wall covering is actually made out of recycled windshield glass. And the other is sustainably harvested cork!

They actually don’t cut the trees down, they just peel it back a layer so the tree continues to grow. So I thought that was phenomenal. 

I like to now ask “is it really sustainable?” “How are you harvesting it?” “Where’s it coming from?” I think we call ask ourselves how can we make smarter choices with our buying power, and how can we introduce more of an eco-friendly product to our clients?”

Swivel Chairs

“I think we sat in like 500 swivel chairs. There were things that didn’t swivel that we wanted to swivel. I think it was just kind of the go-to thing to test out – you walk up to something and you’re like, “why is this not moving? Like I don’t understand!” Because everything swiveled at Market this year! If it wasn’t nailed down to the floor, it’s swiveled – and [pictured] was my favorite swivel chair I saw at Market.”


Jordan Victoria | Atelier Jordan


Verellen is one of my favorite showrooms, and I loved what they had on display this year. What I love about is that it’s really, really clean and they use a lot of monochromatic colors too. And as we kept on talking about this showroom, we kept saying it’s very Cabo – everything just reminds you of the Caribbean. 

I loved this wall art. And we just saw a lot of using different textures and colors to create a very warm, and very welcoming feeling.

The rug has a lot of warm colors in it but also some different shapes and geometry there as well. I love the simplicity here too but it also just has the right pop of color.

Bernhardt Solaria Bar Cabinet

“One of my favorite pieces I saw was this bar cabinet from Bernhardt. What I loved about this, again, it goes back into shape, texture, just the metal at the bottom. I love that it gives you a touch of warmth with that metal. And when you open it up, you have a beautiful bar. 

I love how the mirrors in there as well too – so it actually expands the space when you’re opening it up.

But again, this is really just a great piece. I love the shape of this, I love that they use the softness of cylinders as well as as sharp edges – and not to mention the texture on front!”

Lily Koo Madison Console

“This piece at Lily Koo was another one of my What I like about this piece was that they took the fluted detail around behind the console – which normally either stops on the side or just runs along the front, so I love that they actually wrapped that detail around the complete console.

It’s a gorgeous piece. I love the shape of it. You have that nice carbon and curve in it, and you get that radius.

The scale of it was great, the hardware on the front, and then the texture at the base of the bottom of it was great too. So all-around a really great piece.

This was a new showroom for me but they had a lot of really nice pieces in that particular showroom and the price point was really good as well!”


Melissa Fields | Shades of Gray Design Studio

Organic & Natural

“Okay, y’all, so listen, all of the organic and the natural stuff  was just everywhere at Market. I don’t think you could even escape it if you tried. It really caught my eye – from coffee tables to console tables, and even table and floor lamps.

 Just a lot of very natural organic pieces. I don’t see that going away anytime soon, either. I think people want to still bring that outdoor feeling into their interior spaces.

So many times I’d be walking by one of these pieces and it’d catch my eye. And I’d always be like “Oh my gosh, I have to take some pictures or some video of this” because I could just totally see is as being a kind of a statement piece somewhere.

I just I love the natural feel and the look that I was seeing a market.

Color, color, color

“What I really wanted to capture with this was that even though we did see a lot of natural organic looks, the creams and the lighter colors, that color was not absent at market.

I think I was in Cheryl furniture, and there was all this color. Yellow chairs, blue accent chairs, just these bright, vibrant colors.

There was color everywhere. And so I think that even if red is not your color, if you had a client that really wanted something bold it doesn’t have to be the whole room. It could be just a piece like this console table right here.

Even some of these decorative pieces for table decor. Shoot, if you wanted to do an accent wall and Red Velvet (like the one in this photo), why not knock yourself out? I mean if you know somebody’s not afraid of that bold statement, or that color then this is actually a way to do it!

Texture & More Texture

“I think I was at Ngala, and there was just fringe everywhere y’all. Fringe light fixtures, fringe chairs, french fringe pillows.

This fringe chair I believe was in TOV, and when I saw this one I just thought it was really cool. So again, texture is the name of the game.

And then I saw a lot of like sheepskin in things like these chairs. They felt soft, they felt comfy.

For somebody they might be a little too much, and they might not want to go for it, but I loved seeing them bringing in that texture – especially with that wood and natural feel.”

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