Use Your 3D Models to Create Beautiful Interior Design Renders

November 28, 2022

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Why you should render on Mydoma

I’ve instructed hundreds of designers on how to use the program to grow their interior design business and I have to say – The Mydoma Visualizer is the best tool for designers no matter where they are at with their skill level.

The program is so versatile that you can create incredible renders using only the program – or you can integrate other interior design rendering software that you may use already.

With the capability to import any texture (.jpg or .png) file you would like and apply it as a material to furniture 3D models, walls, floors or anything else you can imagine, the program really can be used by itself. Utilize the robust libraries of 3D products that the Mydoma Visualizer comes with and edit them to fit the size and materials that you need for your design project.

OR you can upload your own 3D models from other programs. Our designers typically upload a 3D model in the Sketchup format, but there are many other format types you can also use to upload your own products into the visualizer. MAX, RAR, ZIP, FBX, GLB and SKP- 3D model uploads are accepted (200 MB max).

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From Chief Architect to SketchUp to Mydoma

So let’s say you do detailed construction documents in Chief Architect, and you want to produce a photorealistic render of the space and a panorama tour using the Mydoma Visualizer – no problem! You can do that by way of Sketchup.

Benefits of bringing it into the Visualizer:

  • Photorealistic quality renders in minutes!
  • Chrome browser- cloud based program (no need to download software that takes up space on your computer). 
  • Create panoramic “walking tours” that can also be viewed in VR using an inexpensive headset for your (or your clients) smartphone. 
  • Tie it to your Mydoma studio and make shoppable content and client presentation seamless!


To recap – you can 100% use the Mydoma visualizer with the products and models in the program right now! If you want to use other software like Chief Architect, Sketchup, 3D Max or even 2020! All you need to do is import 3D models in one of the preferred formats into your visualizer.

Important to note:

*There is a max file upload size so you can import 3D models up to a certain size, this may be 1 model or a grouping of models (but you can not separate them once they are in the program!) 

*The more individual 3D models you upload to your personal library, the better you can build out your library and sort them for future projects in your favorites folder. 

*When importing an entire building, remove the ceiling/roof and upload it as its own model.

*Remove the floor from your building model. This way, when you import it to the Visualizer, your walls will sit on the platform generated floor, and you will be able to place furniture models easily.

Interior Design Living Room Rendering e1685023184580

Why do some designers prefer to import their designs from another program?

Many designers want the incredible quality of renders (within minutes) that the visualizer produces – but they have other technical drawings that need to be done in another program (like 2020 for K&B or Chief Architect). Many designers are perfectly fine with what the program offers for floor plans, elevations, renders and panorama (VR) tours and don’t need additional programs.

Tips if you don’t use other programs but need custom models:

Download 3D models from free/paid model warehouses (or direct from the manufacturers trade website) to find additional models.


Free architectural textures (materials):
Architextures –

Important to Note: Not all 3D models are going to be good (especially if they are free). They may not be accurate in size or mapped for materials/textures to show up accurately when imported. If you need to modify a 3D model before you import it, you will need to do that in Sketchup.

For file conversions, the FREE version of sketchup now works to import and export 3D models in a .skp format. In previous years this was not possible. There are limitations with the Free version but depending on your use, this may be a viable option for many designers. This is great news if you want to model or adjust models in the Free sketchup plan.

Here is a video explaining how you can use the FREE version of Sketchup with the Mydoma visualizer for custom or adjusted 3D models.

However if you are exporting from another program and into Sketchup (to convert your files into a format that the visualizer will accept) you may need the Go, Pro or Studio as these plans are the only ones that allow you to import other file types DWG, DXF, DAE, KMZ, 3DS, DEM 

Resources for importing and exporting per program

Please note that these are subject to change and vary by program at any time.


File import and export capabilities:

Supported file types
Basic (FREE)
Import: SKP, PNG, JPG
Export: SKP, PNG, STL

Advanced (Everything Basic plus)
Import: DWG, DXF, DAE, KMZ, 3DS, DEM

SketchUp for iPad
Import: SKP, PNG, JPG
Export: SKP, PNG, USDz

Professional (Everything Advanced plus)
Import: DDF, IFC, IFCZIP, BMP, PSD, TIF, TGA, PDF (Mac Only)
Export: IFC, WRL, TIF, EPS, PDF (Mac Only )

Chief Architect

Prep and Export models as a DXF into Sketchup Go or higher. Then export a .SKP file from Skechup after checking that your model is accurate. 

3ds Max

Learn what file formats does 3ds Max import and export?

Typically, when using 3ds MAX you can export a model type that the visualizer will accept and you won’t have to go through Sketchup because you can export a FXB file- there may be additional prep to properly import the model.

Remember, the visualizer will accept the following 3D file types: MAX, RAR, ZIP, FBX, GLB and SKP.

For more information on importing models from Sketchup, watch this training webinar with Cindy Krauklis & Lauren Scully.

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Written by Jenna Gaidusek

Jenna Gaidusek is the Director of Education & Community at Mydoma, and formally the founder of eDesign U, the largest virtual school for continued eDesign business education. 

As a practicing designer herself, she believes that an educator should practice what they preach. She also believes that there is plenty of room for everyone in this industry, and has dedicated herself to lifting up designers around her – empowering them to live the life that they’ve dreamt of!

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