Control the Chaos: Simplify your interior design business with project management software

interior design business with project management software
Are you familiar with the saying “Don’t leave money on the table”?

In business you need to make choices that positively impact your revenue.

No brainer.

Your goal is to obviously run a profitable business.

Do you have a system to manage the initial client contact through to project close out?

If you do,  A+ for you, you’re on the right track! If you don’t we have plenty of resources you can reference on the importance of an interior design process and client management.

If you are using a makeshift system of 5+ software’s & online tools  (I won’t tell, I used to be the same way) the naked truth is you’re being inefficient with you time.

Time is money in the business of interior design.

If you’re not being efficient with your time, arguably your wasting your most valuable asset and you’re leaving money on the table.

Don’t want to leave money on the table? The answer is…

You need to invest in the proper project and client management software for your interior design business.

Please stop using Powerpoint for moodboards, excel for building product specification sheets, Google Drive for sharing files and emails for client communication. While all these tools are great on their own, and might be serving your current needs for your interior design business, the truth is they are the wrong tools for the job.These systems of multiple tools and softwares aren’t scalable.

What do I mean by scalable?

Today, your complicated system of softwares and tools appears to be working.

For a team of 1 or 2, you’re getting work done, but where do you strive your business to be in 3-5 years? If you were to bring on a new employee, assistant, accountant or contractor, would you be able to explain your design process in under an hour? If the answer is no then your design process isn’t scalable.

Building a successful interior design business begins and ends with process. Using the right tools to execute your process is invaluable. Don’t leave money on the table. Investing in project management software that’s right for your business will improve your client relationships and control the chaos in your interior design business.

Happy designing!

Sarah 🙂