Create a Killer Bio: Promote the Star that You Are

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The people who need to know you, don’t.

Your prospects don’t. Your website and Houzz site visitors don’t. Even your clients don’t.

That’s because, if you’re like most interior design professionals, your promotional bio is a bust.

Chances are your website “About Us” and section and your social media profiles undersell you. As a result, those you seek to influence don’t know all that you do, have done, and can do.

This is not to say you’re unqualified, or lacking in interior design talent and skill.

It is to say that you don’t adequately share that information on your website, and in your marketing materials.
Your personal bio is your most important online marketing piece.

Is yours boosting or blocking you?

The beginning tells a bundle. A sure sign your bio doesn’t work is if it starts by saying that you “launched your company seven years ago.”

Or that you’re a New York native. Or that you received your design degree in 1999. Or that you belong to an association.
Nor am I impressed when you tell me that you “search beyond typical design solutions.”

Or that you “believe that your home interior reflects your lifestyle.” Or that you feel that “good design enhances the quality of life.”

Oh, pul – eease!

Skip the baloney, and give me benefits.

Tell me how you can enhance my home value or increase my workplace productivity, and how you can save me time, money and headaches.

And tell me how you differ from your competitors.

Bio Boosters
What goes into a good bio?
Include your:

  • “Only” phrase (” ____ is the area’s only designer who…)
  • Awards and other honors
  • Design specialties
  • Experience
  • Accomplishments
  • Skills and capabilities
  • Other qualifications
  • Unique services and products
  • Publication history (where/how you’ve been published)
  • Client profile (who you serve and how)
  • Resources (vendors, contractors, etc.)
  • Affiliations
  • Educational background

Why is your promotional bio so important? Because it’s absolutely, positively your best personal sales tool in these competitive times. It’s never been easier to get elsewhere the design services and products you sell. But the one thing prospects can’t get elsewhere is you, and your bio is the best way to spell out your special-ness.

You can’t get good clients with a bad bio.  Upgrade your personal profile – or hire someone to do if for you – so it establishes your expertise, communicates your credibility and promotes you as a uniquely-qualified, one-of-a-kind leader in your field.

Author: Fred Berns

Fred Berns creates Killer Bios for interior design professionals worldwide.
​For help in revising your bio – or crafting a new one – register for his Bio Briefing  coaching session, or contact him at or 1-303-589-3013, and/or check out his website.