Creating presentations & reports for your interior design project

interior designer presentations
It’s no secret that designers tend to be highly visual people. Creating design presentations can be fun but let’s be serious, they are also time consuming. ​

Using different softwares and a complicated process to get just the right look and far too many hours later you’re under billing the client because you can’t justify the extra time it took to perfect the presentation. And don’t even get us started on revisions. After all your hard work one client revision can take hours to update a project presentation. So if you wanted a quick summary of all the information within your interior design project- how would you do it quickly and beautifully?

You can quickly create beautifully branded presentations and project reports in Mydoma Studio. The time saving trick is that the report is automatically being generated for you as you fill in your project and space information. Your clients and (and soon other key stakeholders as well) will love the convenience of logging in to view or print their project on their time.
Pro-tip! You can even use this feature to create sample projects/proposals for your interior design business and have potential clients download a sample to see what kind of work they would get when they work with you.

In your studio account you have the opportunity to select what you’d like to include in the report, including:

  • Cover page
  • Contract
  • Shopping List (with totals automatically calculated for you)
  • Mood Board
  • Notes
  • Pricing Sheet (different from shopping list in that it includes some accounting information just for you and not intended for the client)
  • Project Deliverables (floor plans, sketches, renderings etc)

To save a copy as a PDF instead of printing, select the print button then save as a PDF. This may look slightly different depending on your browser and whether you’re a Mac or PC user. “Save as PDF” may be listed front and center or you may have to select it from the list of available printers.
Everything is automatically formatted for you based on the information in your project. For example, your cover page would automatically include: your logo, title of the project, name of your client, date, and feature image (if one has been uploaded).

Creating presentations & reports for your interior design

Here’s an example of one of the shopping list pages:

Creating presentations & reports for your interior design

By now, a little pop up should’ve asked you if you wanted a copy of this sample project report which I strongly encourage you to download if you’re not already familiar with this feature. A special thank you goes out to Toronto-based Melissa Peretti of Mrs Darling’s Imagination + Design for providing the floor plans, renderings and before & after pictures in this sample project.