Design Stories- Stephanie Owens from Paper Moon Interiors

Paper Moon Interiors

Today we’re featuring Stephanie Owens from Paper Moon Interiors. She opens up about how and why she got into the interior design industry. She’s not your typical farmhouse designer and describes her design style as “full of color, pattern, and life, with a bit of retro magic thrown into the mix!”. She also shares insightful words of wisdom on how to be true to your own brand.

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When and how did you get in to the interior design industry? 

I’ve always loved interior design. My grandparents were decorators, and I would spend my summers in their studio. My original degree is in studio art, but I didn’t want to be a starving artist, so I decided to get a “real job.” Then, after many years of illness, my mom passed away in 2010. To help me through the grieving process, I went back to school for design, and this has been such a big part of my design philosophy- your home needs to be there to help support you emotionally. I’ve been working virtually with clients since 2015 and launched Paper Moon Interiors in 2016.

Tell us more about Paper Moon Interiors? 

I specialize in glamorously whimsical online interiors for the woman-on-the-go. My designs are full of color, pattern, and life, with a bit of retro magic thrown into the mix. And while my work is 100% virtual, it’s anything but cheap. I provide custom draperies and furniture pieces, high-end wall coverings, finish consultations, and so much more than the big-box online companies.

What does the future have in store for Paper Moon Interiors?  

I plan on keep doing what I’m doing for my clients (I call them my Revolutionaries). I do plan on expanding my brand in 2018 by helping other creatives with their branding, since I have a background in this and it is what has help me stand out in the online interiors world. My biz wife (yes, everyone should have a biz wife) and I also plan on launching a weekly online show for interior designers very soon, and I’d like to host weekly chats for side hustlers- the world I live in. I don’t think there’s enough real support out there for people working double-time. So many fabulous things about to launch in the Paper Mooniverse!

If you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life what would it be?

Gourmet Hamburgers, Pasta a la Vodka, Macarons (and there would need to also be champagne!)

How has Mydoma Studio helped Paper Moon Interiors? 

When I left the crowd-sourced online company that I worked for, I knew I wanted to provide the same type of online studio experience that they provided to clients, but on my own terms. I looked into website plugins, thought I was going to have to handmade my shopping list, and then along came Mydoma and saved the day. My clients love that they have their own little studio just for them where they can shop whenever they want, let me know what needs revising, add notes, pictures, whatever we need to do to get the job done. For a particularly large project where I was brought on to select all of the finishes, fixtures, and hardware for a very large home, it was so easy for me to load several flooring options for each of six bathrooms into the studio so my client could tell me which she preferred. It’s one of my biggest monthly expenses, since I run a lean business, but absolutely worth it with the satisfaction my clients receive.

What is one business tip you can share to your peers?

Design what you’re good at and brand yourself appropriately. I tried doing farmhouse and shabby chic when I worked for another company because that’s what they marketed themselves as, and I failed. I don’t particularly like that style and I didn’t know what I was doing. So when I went out on my own, I branded myself with a particular vibe that attracts the right clients for what I’m good at, which makes competition irrelevant. My clients wouldn’t hire a farmhouse designer, because even though that’s the trend, that’s not what they want. There’s enough clients out there for all of us, so be yourself!